Thanks to an easy shortcut, you can quickly snap a screenshot on your Mac. You also have the option to grab either the screenshot of the entire screen or snap specific area like menu bar with the use of unique key combinations.

The best of all, there is a smart option to take a screenshot directly to the clipboard on Mac. Hence, you won’t need to take the help of AirDrop or iCloud Photo Library to send the screenshot back and forth between macOS and iOS as “Universal Clipboard” can get the job done more conveniently.

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How to Paste Mac Screenshot on iPhone

How to Save Mac Screenshots Directly to the Clipboard in macOS Sierra

  • When you take screenshots on Mac, they are saved as images in the PNG file format on your desktop.
  • But, when you press a modifier key when taking a screenshot, it will send the image to the system clipboard.
  • Then, you can take the advantage of Universal Clipboard feature to copy the image and paste it in other documents not just on your computer but also on iPhone or iPad.

First off, go to the screen you want to capture.

Next, you need to press the Control () key on the keyboard. Now, you need to hold Shift ()+Command ()+4 shortcut to send an image of part of the screen to the clipboard.

Save Mac Screenshots Directly to the Clipboard

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(Simply hold the Control ()+Shift ()+Command ()+3 to take the screenshot of the entire screen.)

Capture and Paste Mac Screen Using Clipboard

That’s it!

The screenshot has now been saved to the system clipboard. Now you can paste the recently taken screen shot to your iDevice.

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Paste Mac Screenshot on iPhone Using Universal Clipboard“Universal Clipboard” is a new continuity feature which has been debuted with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. The idea of copying anything on iPhone and pasting it in a document on Mac or vice-versa is really super handy for users. (Do check out this post if Universal Clipboard is not working between iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra.)

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