One of the missing features that Instagram users (on the iPhone) complain about is the facility to save photos from the Instagram feed. The official Instagram app does not let you “save” pictures to your Camera roll (that’s a policy issue).

Earlier, the only option was to Jailbreak your device and save Instagram photos/videos using SaveGram Cydia tweak. But now apps like SaveGram and InstaSave do the job. Hence, we have updated this information with one more way, i.e. without Jailbreaking the device, to save Instagram photos on iPhone camera roll. Since, SaveGram is a better option (and a popular one), here we will show the SaveGram way to save Instagram photos.

How to Save Instagram Photos and Videos to iPhone Camera Roll

SaveGram, though requires log in/password to Instagram, easily saves photos on your iPhone. While InstaSave, which doesn’t require log in/password to your Instagram account, takes more time to save photos. Moreover, the photos saved on your iPhone by using InstaSave will show the app logo and Instagram ID of the person from whose feed you have saved the photo.

How to Save Instagram Photos to iPhone Camera Roll Without Jailbreak

Step #1. Download SaveGram app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Open SaveGram and login using your Instagram account.SaveGram iPhone App Login ScreenNow you can see five options in the bottom menu: My Feed (with home icon), Popular, Favorites, Your Profile and Settings.

Step #3. Tap on My Feed (the first option with home icon.)Tap on My Feed in SaveGram AppStep #4. Tap on any photo you want to save.

Step #5. Tap on Share button.Tap on Share Icon in SaveGram iPhone AppFour options will swipe up: Save, Repost, Like and Copy Caption. Option to cancel your action will be there by default.

Step #6. Tap on Save button.Save Instagram Photo on iPhone Using SaveGram AppAnd the photo will be saved in your Camera Roll. This app offers quite easier method to save Instagram photos directly in your iPhone’s photo gallery. Now you can save as many photos as you wish without Jailbreaking your iPhone.

Download SaveGram

So that was for non Jailbreakers, now lets take a look at another method that requires your iPhone to be Jailbreak.

SaveGram is a free Cydia tweak which adds a “Save” option to Instagram’s photos. With SaveGram installed, you will be able to save photos from your Instagram feed directly to your iPhone’s camera roll. And the process is easy (and same as before).

SaveGram can be installed from Cydia (search for the tweak and install it). It’s up on BigBoss.

Using SaveGram Cydia Tweak to Save Instagram Photos to iPhone/iPad Camera Roll

After you install SaveGram, saving photos from the Instagram app is easy.

Step #1. Open Instagram.

Step #2. Tap the options (…) button under the photo you want to save.

Step #3. You should see a “Save” option. Tap on it.

Step #4. Head over to the Camera Roll. You should see the saved photo here.

Save Instagram Photos to iPhoneAs before, there are no options to configure or settings to tweak. The tweak can be disabled by removing it from Cydia.

SaveGram is free on the BigBoss repo. It’s working on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus too.

Watch out video to know how to use SaveGram to save Instagram pics to iPhone Camera Roll:

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