How to Save Google Maps as Offline Cache on iPhone and iPad

Google Maps for iOS, which recently arrived for the iPad in its native version, has had a few updates. One of the most interesting one is the ability to cache Google Maps for offline use. Yes, we’re talking about offline maps for free.

This trick is useful for those who use a Wi-fi-only iPad and need to travel. Or for those iPhone users who need to go abroad and won’t have access to the internet continuously.

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Google Maps’s Android version has almost always had the offline feature. Recently, in an update, it got buried somewhere deep and the whole of Android community went up in arms.

How to Save Google Maps as Offline Cache on iPhone and iPad

For the iOS users, Google Maps did not provide a way to save map data which is why we often looked at other offline maps apps like Galileo, MapsWithMe, Garmin etc.

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Anyway, with the new update for iOS, Google Maps now supports caching of Maps data. And it’s more like an easter egg.

Here’s how to save Google Maps for iOS:

1. Make sure you are zoomed-in a bit on the area you want to save. You can’t save a large area.
2. Once you are set, type Ok maps in the search bar. You should see this screen:

How to Save Google Maps as Offline Cache on iPhone

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3. If the app throws up an error saying the area is too big for cache, you just zoom in a bit more and try to repeat#2.

How to Retrieve Offline Map Data in Google Maps?

Unlike other apps, the offline data isn’t stored separately so you can access that with a tap. You just manually navigate to that place and it loads from the cache.

However, if you want to access the saved place faster, what you can do is just add a bookmark (drop a pin) on the place you just saved. With that, you’ve got a faster way to access the saved data.

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