How to Save Email Attachment from Mail App to iCloud Drive on iPhone or iPad

The iCloud drive is one of the best facilities supplied by Apple to its customers as it provides 5 GB space for customers to save their data – presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, and any other kind of document in iCloud. In addition to this, you can access your documents from all your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC.

While exploring mail app on my iPhone, I could see that there is one more amazing feature I can use to make the most of iCloud storage. Now I can save an email attachment from mail app directly to iCloud drive in iOS 9.

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Yeah, iOS 9 is pre-requisite for this as older versions of iOS don’t offer this facility. This feature can save your time as you don’t need to download any document on your iPhone and then move it to any other place.

Now, if you want to save your documents directly to the iCloud drive, follow the below mentioned simple steps. Please note that you can save your documents in a folder you have created on the iCloud drive.

How to Save Attachments from Mail App to iCloud Drive on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Mail app on your iOS device.

Open Email App on iPhone in iOS 9

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Step #2. Tap on a particular email with the attachment.

Open Email with Attachment on iPhone

Step #3. Tap and hold the attachment you want to download to iCloud (If there is more than one attachment.)

Tap on Email Attachment on iPhoneYou cannot download more than one attachment at a time.

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Step #4. A Share sheet will appear on the screen.

Step #5. You can see two rows of icons. Choose the bottom row and tap on Save Attachment icon in a cloud shape.

Tap on Cloud Icon on iPhone in iOS 9

This will take you directly to iCloud Drive on your iOS device

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Step #6. Select the folder in which you want to save your document.

Step #7. Tap on Move to This Location.

Tap on Move to This Location in iOS 9 iCloud Drive

It’s done. Once you tap on Move to This Location, you will be redirected to your Mail screen. Now you can check your document from your iCloud drive on iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC.

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Watch out how to save any attachment from iOS 9 Mail App to iCloud Drive

You can view all your saved attachment from the iCloud drive.

That’s all, mate!

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Jignesh Padhiyar
Jignesh Padhiyar is the founder of who has a keen eye for news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iPhone and iPad.


  1. Thanks for this but it’s a HUGE UX miss that this option is not given when the attachment is open. I can save to any other cloud service such as DropBox but NOT iCloud Drive. Apple needs to do better here! I had to Google your article to do something that should be easy and readily apparent. I want to move off DropBox but it’s silliness like this that holds be back. Hope someone is paying attention.

  2. Finally! But still it lacks so much which is unbelievable e.g.:

    – not saving multiple files at once

    – not having the option when you have the attachment open

    – show conversations in a quick way (as e.g. Gmail app can)

    I will stick with my ‘Spark’ E-mail app which is great with attachments. It also still lacks a few features but i think on my iphone it’s still better then CloudMagic. Both are great alternatives for the Mail app from Apple even in iOS9. See also this topic on Macrumors that i started about alternative mail apps on iOS and handling attachments:

    It’s also absurd that you still can’t save an attachment to e.g. iCloud Drive via the Safari browser. Luckely there are apps such as the free ‘Documents 5’ app which have their own build in browser which can save files to iCloud Drive (still save it first to the app and then to iCloud Drive but still it’s possible at least.

  3. Ok. Option to save attachments, works, but… it saves with corrupted name of the file, adding a long prefix number, i don´t know if this relates to enabled two-factor authentication, in my icloud account.

  4. How do I get the “save attachment” iCloud icon to show up? I’ve already turned iCloud on, saved app to home screen, and allowed every program to run with it. I’ve updated to iOS 9 too. What’s wrong?


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