Save As on Mac

Save As on Mac was widely used by average as well as advanced users from years. But somehow, Apple thought to rename it to Duplicate. The good thing is that Apple didn’t completely remove Save As from the macOS; it is hidden.

If you are having difficulty adjusting yourself with Duplicate, instead of Save As option in Menu, you can change it quickly. There are two ways to get it done; one is the quick and temporary fix, while the other is a permanent fix.

Before we proceed with the guide, a thing to note is that this works on most of the apps, but not on every app on your Mac. Now that you are familiar with what we are going to do, it is time to get started with the guide.

How to Enable Save As on Mac – Quickly

For this guide, we will take the Numbers app as an example. The process makes changes to almost all other apps.

Step #1. Open any file in the Numbers app on your Mac, and then click on the File menu.

Step #2. You’ll notice there’s an option named Duplicate.

Duplicate Option in File Menu on Mac

Now press the “Option” ⌥ key on your Mac keyboard.

Step #3. Pressing the Option key will change the name of Duplicate to Save As.

Temporary Save As Option on Ma

As soon as you take your finger off the Option key, it will be renamed back to Duplicate. That’s why I called this tutorial a quick, but temporary fix.

There’s also a keyboard shortcut to get Save As windows open at your fingertips directly. You can press Shift+Option+Command+S to get things done.

If you are looking for a permanent solution, better to follow the guide given below.

How to Get Save As Option on Mac Permanently

Step #1. Open System Preferences by clicking the Apple Logo from the status bar.

Click on System Preferences on Mac

Step #2. Click on Keyboard.

Click on Keyboard in Mac System Preferences

Step #3. Click on Shortcuts tab → On the left menu panel, click on App Shortcuts.

Click on Shortcuts then App Shortcuts in Mac System Preferences

Step #4. Now on the right, click the “+” sign.

Click on Plus Sign in Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

Make sure All Applications is selected in the drop down menu.

Click All Applications in Mac Keyboard Preferences

Next step is very important, follow it carefully.

Step #5. In Menu Title enter exactly Save As… don’t forget to add three periods (ellipsis) in the end.

Type Save As in Mac Keyboard Preferences

Step #6. Now in the Keyboard Shortcut box, press Shift+Command+S (⇧+⌘+S)on your Mac keyboard. The shortcut will be displayed in the box. Once done, click Add.

Get Save As Option on Mac

That’s it!

The thing to note here is that you can set any keyboard shortcut you wish to but make sure it doesn’t clash with the existing shortcut of any app. Instead of checking shortcuts of every app individually, it is recommended to use the keyboard shortcut mentioned in the step #6.

Signing off

There’s no concrete explanation from Apple as to why they renamed Save As to Duplicate. But thankfully, they didn’t remove the option altogether from the core macOS. With this guide, you can get back the good old Save As on your Mac.

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