How to Save Apple Watch Battery Life While Traveling

Your Apple Watch is one of the most productive tools you carry. But when you travel abroad, you have an extra burden as you need to charge it every day. A better way is to save battery life of your Apple Watch while traveling. How to do this? Read on...

When you travel away from your home town, you make sure that your iPhone and Apple Watch are fully charged. With both devices on your person, charging them is one of the tasks. For this reason, I leave my Apple Watch at home. But I cannot do this, especially when I am on a business tour. Thankfully, there are some tricks and tips to save Apple Watch battery life while traveling.

During our travels, we continuously monitor Apple Watch battery life. Although there are some methods to improve your watch’s battery life when you are at home or office, a separate list of solutions is always needed to extend Apple Watch battery life while traveling.

Tips to Improve Battery Life of Apple Watch During Travels

When Apple first launched its smartwatch in 2015, its battery life was 18 hours. Then in subsequent editions, Apple has continuously added new features. Now in its fourth edition, the watch has improved heart rate monitoring and ECG, which gives accurate readings on Apple Watch Series 4. Surprisingly, the battery life on the latest Apple Watch is still rated 18 hours. This troubleshooting guide can help you extend the battery life of your Watch no matter the edition.

Reduce Transparency

When you are going out, reducing the transparency of your watch can not only boost battery life but also increase the performance of your smartwatch. Unlike reducing motion and changing font/icon size on your watch, reducing transparency won’t bring any noticeable change in your watch UI. However, this change will undoubtedly improve the battery performance of your watch.

On your paired iPhone, you need to take a few steps to reduce transparency on Apple Watch.

Turn on Reduce Transparency on Apple Watch

Turn Off Notifications on Apple Watch

When Apple Watch notifications do not work, you get worried. But during your travels, you wish notifications didn’t work. For this, you have to take a little pain to disable notifications on your Apple Watch. When you do this, your iPhone will stop sending app notifications on your watch and you can focus on the tasks you needed to finish during your business trips.

Step #1. Open Watch app on your paired iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on My Watch tab.

Step #3. Next, tap on Notifications.

Step #4. Then turn off Notifications Indicator option.

Turn Off Notifications on Apple Watch

From now on, you won’t receive any notification on your Apple Watch. Note that this will disable notifications for all apps. You can turn off notifications for built-in and third-party apps on your Apple Watch.

For this purpose, you need to tap on each stock, and then tap on Notifications Off option.

Turn Off Stock App Notifications on Apple Watch

To disable notifications on third-party apps, scroll down on Notifications screen and see all third-party apps below MIRROR IPHONE ALERTS FROM. Here, turn off the toggle next to each app you want to disable notifications for.

Turn Off Third Party App Notifications on Apple Watch

Use Portable Apple Watch Power Banks while Traveling

There are power banks for iPhone. So why can’t there be portable power banks for Apple Watch? This question popped up in the minds of Apple Watch accessory makers. And then they came up with the right solution. You can carry portable power banks to charge your Apple Watch when you are traveling. These portable chargers are easy to carry as they boast compact design.

Turn OFF Raise to Wake

Siri enthusiasts like to enable ‘Raise to Wake for Siri’ on their Apple Watch. Although this feature allows them to invoke Siri just by raising the wrists and speak ‘Hey Siri,’ it can drain your Watch battery. You can disable this Raise to Wake For Siri on your Apple Watch.

Step #1. Tap on the Digital Crown of Apple Watch.

Step #2. Next, tap on Settings from the cluster/grid of apps.

Step #3. Now tap General.

Step #4. Scroll/swipe down and tap on Siri.

Step #5. Toggle ‘Raise to Speak’ OFF.

Turn OFF Raise to Speak for Siri on Apple Watch

Apart from Raise to Wake for Siri, you can also disable Wrist Raise feature on your Apple Watch. Basically, this feature wakes up Watch screen when a user raises his/her wrist. Thus, they can quickly see time on their watch. To disable this feature:

Step #1. Launch Watch app on your paired iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on My Watch tab (if you do not land there) → Tap on General.

Step #4. Scroll down again and tap on Wake Screen; this option is below Enable Handoff.

Step #5. Here, you need to turn off Wake Screen on Wrist Raise toggle.

Stop Turning on Apple Watch Screen When You Raise Your Wrist

In addition to following above tricks, you can stop tracking your fitness activities with the Workout app; enable POWER RESERVE mode.

POWER RESERVE mode: Swipe up on Apple Watch → Tap on Battery percentage → Drag POWER RESERVE slider from left to right.

Enable Power Reserve mode on Apple WatchWhen you put your Apple Watch on POWER RESERVE mode, it will prolong the battery life by turning off all the features except the current time.

When you wish to exit POWER RESERVE mode, press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch.

Any other way to save Apple Watch battery life while traveling?

Signing off…

When you are on holiday with your family, it is better to leave your Apple Watch home. But you cannot take this decision when you are on business travel. Your smartwatch can be an excellent companion to set the alarm and carry out other productive tasks.

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