How to Run Native tvOS Browser on Your Apple TV

Apple doesn’t offer functionality of web browsing, and therefore jvanakker, a Dutch developer, has introduced a hack that enables 4th generation Apple TV run native tvOS web browser.

Apple TV has found a lot of takers of late as Apple has introduced many cool features to tvOS. However, there are miles to go for Apple TV as many developers have come up with some hacks to forcefully install some features.

One such feature that Apple TV has yet to introduce is the tvOS browser. Since Apple’s OS, which powers the set-top box, doesn’t have the functionality of web browsing, a Dutch developer has introduced a hack.

How to Run Native tvOS Browser on Your Apple TV

According to jvanakker, this hack enables the 4th generation Apple TV runs a native tvOS web browser. What is more strange or interesting about this hack is that it uses Apple’s private API based on UIWebView class.

Apple has officially provided this feature to iPhone and iPad developers so that they can integrate web views inside apps.

The hack doesn’t offer the facility of a confirmed browser, but it allows users to make the most of Apple TV’s untapped potential. This hack lets you browse web pages using Touch surface of Siri Remote.

Users can enable an on-screen cursor by pressing the Touch surface to choose any item and follow the links.

To go to the previous page, press the Menu button on the Siri Remote. To enter URLs, users can use the Play and Pause button.

Many developers were surprised to know that tvOS has a private API for UIWebViews since Apple doesn’t allow any kind of web content in Apple TV apps through UIWebViews or other means.

If you own an Apple TV, you can sideload the web browser with the help of Xcode, using a modified tvOS file.

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