How To Rotate Photos on iPhone/iPad Running iOS 8

With your iPhone, you can capture photos in both landscape and portrait modes depending on your choice or need to do so, there are quite a few times you are not able to take the perfect shot. And hence, photos appear sideways or simply just don’t stand up to your liking. Is there any way to rotate photos to perfection? Beyond any doubt, some camera lovers enjoy experimenting with the appearance of their photos by rotating them.

Supposing you have captured some attractive photos on your iPhone or iPad but you are not particularly pleased with the appearance of some photos and want to rotate them to look their absolute best, how can you do it? Well, there could be many reasons of why you would like rotating a photo but one out of many could be to have out of the blue experimentation for fun. Let’s find out more on this!

How To Rotate Photos on iPhone or iPad

How To Rotate Photos on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Launch Photos app.

Step #2. Select the photo which you want to rotate.

Step #3. Tap on Edit from the top right corner.

Edit Photo on iPhone

Step #4. Tap on Crop icon from the bottom.

Crop Photos in iPhone

Step #5. Tap on the rotate icon from the bottom left corner as many times as it is needed to make your photo appear exactly as you wish.

Rotate Photos in iPhone

Step #6. Tap on Done from the bottom right corner to confirm the change.

Cropping Photos in iPhone

That’s all! You’ve got the photo exactly as you desire? You can repeat this mentioned process to rotate as many photos as you want.

Latest iOS version has come up with the more improved Photos app that provides you tons of options to customize your favorite photos to your heart’s content.