Cydia doesn't usually throw up problems but still, you've probably experience slow-down, apps getting stuck, or even the whole iPhone going unresponsive when you install and use a lot of tweaks.

Whatever the issue is, it's not cool when you have to constantly face a slew of problems on your iPhone. The Mobile Substrate automatically helps you avoid a loop by putting your iPhone in Safe Mode from where you can update/re-install/remove Cydia packages before switching back to normal mode.

But what if things get worse? What if you get thrown in a respring loop?

How to Restore iPhone Without Loosing Jailbreak

Generally, you'll be recommended to restore your device. This will erase all data (of course with a backup you can reclaim them all) and in the process, you'll also lose jailbreak status.

There's an updated version of an old tool that seems to work wonders for these cases. It's called iLEX R.A.T where the R.A.T stands for “remove all tweaks.”

What iLEX R.A.T does is simple: it removes all Cydia tweaks and restores your device but it preserves both the jailbreak and Cydia. So basically what happens when you use iLEX R.A.T is that your iPhone is restored as normal but it does not remove the jailbreak.

Given all the data, iLEX R.A.T isn't a straight-forward tweak to play with. You'll need MobileTerminal to run RAT besides needing to add a private repo. Let's get started:

Adding iLEX R.A.T Repo

  • Open Cydia
  • Go to Manage → Sources → Edit → Add
  • Add this URL:
  • Now, return to Cydia. Tap on the newly added source.
  • Select “iLEX R.A.T” and Install it.

Install MobileTerminal

  • Now, while in Cydia, search for MobileTerminal
  • Install the package to install MobileTerminal for your iPhone

Using iLEX R.A.T

  • So once you've installed both the packages, you can start using iLEX R.A.T:
  • Open MobileTerminal
  • Type rat and hit enter.
  • The interface for iLEX will open up.
  • Choose Option 12. This is the option that fully restores your device.
  • You can also explore other options.
  • At the warning, press Y.
  • After iLEX R.A.T has done its work, it will ask you to reboot. Press Y.

Once rebooted, your iPhone will look brand new (you'll have to activate the iPhone again and restore from backup/set up as new). But your iPhone will have Cydia and will be jailbroken. iLEX R.A.T does not appear as a tweak/app icon.

  • Daniyal Shoaib

    the MobileTerminal tweak keeps on crashing on my phone?

  • MoHkale

    all this did is erase all apps