How to Restore Your iPhone From iTunes [Beginner’s Guide]

Restoring iPhone or iPad with iTunes is easy. But before you go for this, make sure that you remove your device from Find My Phone.

There are some situations that can’t be resolved easily; you find yourself stuck in an impasse and the only solution is left for you: make a fresh start. When your iPhone stops working suddenly, without any probable reason, you need to restore it from iTunes.

It could be a software issue in your iPhone or iPad, and after all troubleshooting options, you have only one solution: restore the iPhone. Or maybe you want to sell your iOS device to some, and therefore, want to delete everything from the device.

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How to Restore iPhone from iTunes

Of course, you can remove your data without connecting your device to your computer or Mac, but if there is a technical glitch inside the device, you are helpless and you have to resort to iTunes.

Before you restore your iPhone from iTunes, ensure that you remove your iPhone from Find My Phone first. You can read this info to add and remove your iPhone or iPad from Find My Phone. After this, you can restore your iPhone/iPad from iTunes.

How to Restore your iPhone/iPad Using iTunes

Step #1. Connect your iPhone/iPad with computer or Mac.

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Step #2. Open iTunes.

Step #3. Click on iPhone/iPad icon in iTunes.

Click on iDevice in iTunes

Step #4. Now click on Restore iPhone/iPad.

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Click on Restore iPhone in iTunes

You will be prompted to Back Up the contents of iPhone to your computer.

Next, iTunes asks you if you want to Restore your iPhone. The action will delete all your data and settings from the device.

Step #5. Click Restore.

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You can see a pop-up that asks you to transfer purchases. If you have already transferred purchases to iCloud, you don’t have to perform this action. Wait till iTunes perform its action; once everything is done, your iPhone or iPad will go back to factory Settings.

It is pretty damn easy process to restore your iPhone with iTunes. If you are new to iPhone and Apple eco-system, this process will certainly help you a lot. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and stay updated with latest on iPhone, iPad, Mac, iOS, iTunes and more.

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