How to Restart iPhone Without Using Sleep/Wake Button


Since a smartphone works like a computer, you need to restart your device once in 24 hours. As an iPhone user, you take extra care of your device because of its cost and high-end technology it uses.

Restarting your iPhone by pressing sleep/wake button can be tiresome; moreover, if the sleep/wake button is damaged, it is all the more difficult to restart your iPhone. In this scenario, you wish you had known some other way to restart an iPhone without using sleep/wake button.

How to Restart iPhone Without Using Sleep Wake Button

Normally, iPhone automatically gets restarted when a user updates the device with the latest iOS version. But this happens once or twice in a year. If you are an iOS developer and download beta versions, then you can experience frequent restart of iPhone as you need to download several beta versions of a single iOS. But every user is not a developer.

So how to restart your iPhone without using sleep/wake button? Here is a trick. You can use the accessibility feature on iPhone and restart the device.

How to Restart iPhone Without Using Sleep/Wake Button

Step #1. Tap on Settings app on iPhone → Now tap on General.

Tap Settings Then General in iOS 9

Step #2. Tap on Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility on iPhoneStep #3. Toggle Bold Text ON; A menu will pop up will ask: Applying this setting will restart your iPhone → Tap on Continue.

Toggle Bold Text On in iPhone

Your iPhone will restart within couple of seconds. If you don’t want to keep bold fonts, just go back and follow the same procedure to bring back original settings.