One of the hardest things to happen is you forgetting the Restriction passcode. We're talking about the passcode that you set for Settings General Restrictions.

Restrictions help you control what part of your iPhone/iPad is accessible. You can disable apps, control the installation/deletion of apps etc. through Restrictions. In order to use them, you should set a passcode. And if you happen to forget it, it seems impossible to reset the code without restoring your iPhone/iPad as a new device.

But that's not true. When you forget the Restriction passcode, you don't have to restore as new in order to reset it. You can do this manually through a single file.

How to Reset Restriction Passcode on iPhone and iPad

And that's what we're going to do. Briefly, this is what the method is:

  • Take a backup of your device
  • Open a file ( from the backup and edit it
  • Import the file into the backup
  • Restore your device to the backup so nothing is lost

For those of you who have jailbroken your device, things can be a little easy. You can use iFile to do the things manually right on iPhone/iPad without having to go through the notions of using a backup extractor etc.

The methods below assume that you have tried (and failed) in attempting to crack the passcode. This means you'll see a ‘X Failed Attempts' in the Restriction passcode area (where X is any number).

Jailbreak Method

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, this is the method you follow:

1. Download and install iFile
2. Go to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/
3. Locate the file named and tap on it
4. Tap on Text Viewer
5. Search for ‘SBParentalControlsFailedAttempts' (you can just type ‘FailedAttempts' too)
6. You should see a <key> and a <string> for this field like this:
(the number within string might differ)
7. Just beneath this, type the following:
8. Quit everything.
9. Open Settings → General → Restrictions again and enter 1234 for the code.

Voila! You are in. Now change the code to something better/safer.

If you want to reset Restriction passcode without jailbreaking your iPhone, here's how to do it.

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  • The helpful guy

    If you can’t find SBParentalControlsPIN then back out, find parental password something and just delete that. Simple

  • max

    I have no idea where to enter this info in? please help. i forgot my passcode and don’t want to lose 4,000 photos by a restore. where do i enter in all this to reset passcode to 1234!!!!!!! plz help!!!

  • Max

    Under the line SBParentalControlsFailedAttempts my phone says 25 instead of # what should i do and what is a possible cause

  • Prince Bilal

    It worked for me… Thanks alot ….

  • wiafe isaac

    my ipad is iculod

  • JC

    Like “mark” below, mine said “” but I added the key-value pair anyway, and it WORKED!!! I’ve been struggling with this FOREVER and did not want to restore from backup etc. etc. Now I have a new iPhone and all I wanted to do was “erease all content and settings” but it wouldn’t allow it until I did this. You are a savior! I can’t wait to jailbreak my new iPhone 6 some day when the gods of jailbreaking get around to it. Without iFile this would have been very painful, and without it being jailbroken it would have been nearly impossible.

  • mark

    Followed each and every step, still didn’t work. Instead of 6 it had 10, what should I do? Please help!!!

    • Wesley Harkins

      Help! I had his problem!

    • Prince Bilal

      Replace integar with string as given below
      1234 is ur password…
      Save it and turn off ur iphone then turn on iphone and open setting,general,restriction code and enter 1234…

      • joe

        where do i enter this in?!?!?! i forgot passcode and don’t wanna lose photos!

  • Izzy

    OMG you just saved my life. Well, my phone’s life :) thank you!!

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    thankyou so much igeeksblog
    It helped a lot.:)

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      Where do I find

  • Guy Roland

    Works. Thanks.

  • heather

    which part is the jailbreaking directions for my iPad mini before i follow the next step. Thanks.

  • James

    Did this as stated and not working. When I view the file again the added string is there but it has moved it down a few lines below other items. This is on iOS 7.03

  • armend

    it worked thanks a lot.
    it worked for ios 7.1 beta 1

  • Erkan Mehmedali

    It worked. Thanks a lot. You saved me from restoring the backup and all that process.