The other day we were looking at how you can reset the Restriction passcode through iFile, a jailbreak tweak. It's the simplest method to reset a forgotten passcode. But what happens when you don't have a jailbroken iPhone? Or when you don't want to jailbreak your iPhone just to reset the Restriction code?

Since we're not talking jailbreak, it's a long way but this is the only easy way to reset the restriction passcode without doing a complete, fresh restore that has the risk of losing data.

How to Reset Restriction Passcode on iPhone and iPad

If you happen to read the jailbreak method, you know what the basic principle is but here's the whole thing in synopsis:

1. The restriction passcode can be overridden by manually keying in a value
2. The file to edit is in Library/Preferences/ and is named

The problem, however, lies in the editing process. How do you edit the file and upload it back to iPhone's system? The whole process is easy via iFile but without a jailbreak, it can get a little lengthier. Nevertheless, it's not rocket science and you can do it.

You'll need:

  • iBackupBot
  • The iPhone/iPad you want to reset the Restriction passcode for
  • iTunes (latest version preferred)

Before you start, make sure you have tried the restriction passcode a couple of times. You should see a ‘failed attempt' alert when you tap on Restrictions.

Take a Backup

1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer
2. Fire up iTunes and take a backup of your iPhone/iPad
3. Once you have the backup, quit iTunes but keep the iPhone/iPad connected to your PC.

Editing the Backup File

1. Fire-up iBackupBot that you downloaded initially
2. Navigate to SystemFiles/HomeDomain/Library/Preferences
3. Search for a file named “”
4. Open it in Notepad or any other text editor. If the file doesn't render correctly, you should use any plist-editors available online.
5. Look for this line:
(X is any number)
6. Just beneath this, add the following code:
7. Save the file and then restore the file into your iPhone via iBackupBot (Control + T)

Reboot your iPhone and try 1234 for the Restriction passcode. It will work.

You can then disable restrictions or change the passcode.

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  • Rina

    I un-ticked the encrypted backup box and made a new backup, but everytime I edit the file it still says ‘cant modify an encrypted backup, please make a new backup without password protect’ even though thats what I already did. help?!

  • Katie

    I don’t have the parental control failed attempts line. Anything I can do? I have a line that says devicelockblocked, can I try that?

  • Daniyal Younis

    i do not have my icloud password, how do i turn find my phone?
    I am using iphone 5 ios 8.1

  • SnowCat MacDobhran

    OMG thank you. 5 years I’ve been dealing with this and it’s finally fixed.

  • Sebastiaan

    Man just just saved my life, thanks!

  • Gareth

    An even easier solution is to use pinfinder – A simple, free program for Mac, Windows and Linux that can automatically recover the restrictions passcode from an iTunes backup:

  • Muhammad Fahad Amjad

    After these steps i’m not able to open my restriction passcode option whenever i try to open it it crashes and takes me to home screen please help me :(

  • Bagas Ramadhan

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!! your the best, after 25 failed attempts, my privacy on my control

  • chris turner

    worked a treAT – cant believe apple have such crap security – any teenager coul dbreak it!

  • Jon Zabel

    After 14 failed attempts and over a year of frustration, I’m so glad I finally came across this article. As soon as I turned off Find My iPhone, these straightforward instructions worked like a charm. Many thanks to you Dhvanesh Adhiya!

    • Dhvanesh Adhiya

      Cheers.. :)

  • Holly

    Thank you so much for posting this! Worked a treat – its been over a year since I locked myself out! Thank you again!

  • Liz M

    Make sure that the backup you are going to edit is NOT encrypted (uncheck the box in iTunes next to the ‘backup phone’ box) or you won’t be able to save any code changes. Took me a while to work that one out . Apart from that , this worked really well and I had no need to buy the iBackupBot and I am running a MacBook Pro with Yosemite. Did take a while – put your life on hold for a while but it gave me access to some Apps that had been Age 17+ blocked when I upgraded to 9.0.2 as I had forgotten my restrictions code, like many do…. Good Luck out there!

  • CGiff

    Disregard previous comment- I rechecked and had made a mistake in your code. It WORKED! My son will think I am a genius, ha! Thank you SO much!!!

  • CGiff

    Nope. It didn’t work. Not sure what the problem is, but I admit I have no idea what I am doing beyond following directions here… does the number 8888 in your code have anything to do with it?

  • CGiff

    Huge help to me- thanks for posting. I have no idea why my son’s had these same lines, but he did. Now I just have to wait another 31 minutes to input the new code and see if it worked. Thanks for the help!

  • Joshua Narsu

    One of the restrictions on my iPhone is actually preventing me from logging out of “Find My iPhone” under the “iCloud” tab in settings. Therefore I can’t restore the file back to my iPhone because I keep getting Error 37. Any suggestions?

  • McKinley Oswald

    I get to the last step and attempt to save the updated file and it gives me an error – Error Code: -37

    Any ideas

  • Eric

    These instructions do NOT work if part of the restrictions is that you cannot turn off Find My iPhone. The phone in question belongs to my teenaged daughter, and one of the restrictions is that she is not allowed to turn of Find My iPhone. However, neither iTunes nor iBackup Bot will allow a restore with FMiP enabled. Also, iBackupBot is a buggy piece of crap in its Mac implementation. Total waste of $35. Crashes every time a new device loads, takes forever to load all but the simplest things, interface is clearly ported from WinTel…

  • Hassan

    Thank you very much brother. You really helped me a lot. Tried many ways but finally your method helped. May God Bless you.

  • Jerica

    Hey! I found and edited and restored and something didn’t work! Any advise?

  • Sarah Widmer

    NVM got it.. !!

    Hi hi, when I try to open the springboard.plist it says unexpected character ” at line 1 and then it opens a blank XML view.. help please!

  • Dvid M-p

    I really works! I’ve been stuck from one year with restrictions and and finally found this, thanks a lot! it really works.

  • Cwan

    Is 1234 the code from now on when u do the thing? Or is it only the code for that one moment and then the code changes back to the old one?

  • Denise Wong

    I can’t seem to do this. I noticed that even though i saved the changes, it doesn’t get changed.

  • Nicole Boness

    I have gone through the steps to reset my passcode a few times and everytime I enter the 1234 code it tells me fail attempt and I have to wait minutes to try again. My daughter is driving me crazy here, can someone please assist me on how to reset this as she wants to reset her whole ipad.

  • stephen


  • Claudio

    I don’t have the line: SBParentalControlsFailedAttempts

    • cyrus m-c

      thats because you have no failed atempts, fail the password, then do t!

  • Nanaliwa Nyurukuta

    When IBackupBot says buy register or buy, just click on CANCEL and it will still ALLOW you to edit the stated file above and save it. Then restore backup to Iphone using IBackBot. But Kudos to Dr. Adhiya for the well written article…

  • firedragon

    Worked for me. So simple and done in less than 10 minutes ^^ Thanks so much!!!

  • ronak sunka

    i cant find the editer SBParentalControlsFailedAttemptsX so i am stuck in the middle so pls need your help pls mail me

  • Sophie

    um there isn’t a SBParentalControlsFailedAttempts in my list
    is SBParentalControlsMCContentRestrictions the same?
    because there is countryCode

    at after that

  • helen

    hi um i’ve followed everything but when i tried to open the file it asked me for a password?

    • Bender

      Your iTunes store password.

  • falah

    i cant turn off “Find my iphone” , it is not active
    pls help ….

  • C.O.

    I just followed these instructions and it worked the first time I tried. I also didn’t need to purchase anything. Thanks for writing this article.

  • Nathan

    Not sure if anyone who had success with everyone else’s comments here had the paid version of iBackupBot, but I’ve seen some comments asking about how to do it with the free version. I also had the free version, and I managed to get set my passcode to ‘1234’ and eventually change it to my desired 4-digit passcode. If I am simply restating the above steps, I apologize, but writing it out in my own way helps both myself and hopefully anyone else! Here’s how I did it:


    1. Follow the above steps until you see this line:


    Instead of string, you may see Integer. Go ahead and change that, and set the number of failed attempts (X) to 0.

    2. Also as stated above, directly under the code in step 1, add the following:


    3. I tried saving this and restoring, but I found that the edited code would just go back to the non-edited mode immediately after saving and X-ing out. I’m a newbie when it comes to iBackupBot, so I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that I had the free version. Anyway, after you add the code above, do NOT X-out, just hit Ctrl+A to highlight the entire code and then Ctrl+C to copy it.

    4. After copying your edited code, proceed to , an online .PLIST editor. Go to Import, and then Paste your code into the box. After importing you will see that the site has put everything in a sort of list view. If you scroll down you should see the ‘1234’. This is good, keep going.

    5. After everything looks good, hit export in the upper right hand corner. COPY what is in the export box, and then open iBackupBot and go back to the built-in editor ( the one that doesn’t save when X-ing out for you free versioners ). Delete everything in it, and PASTE what you got from the online editor into iBackupBot. For whatever reason, after doing this and saving/x-ing out, it saved. Double check before doing step 6.

    6. After double checking, restore your phone from iBackupBot. This should, hopefully, work. For me it did, and I went in my phone and the 12 failed attempts was now gone, and ‘1234’ worked. If you want, change your password from ‘1234’ to whatever code you want.

    7. After I did step 6, I tried backing up my phone to iTunes just for peace of mind. However it claimed that my backup was “corrupt” and that it couldn’t finish. Also, iBackupBot would not allow me to open my phone’s files anymore. Just got a slew of error messages. If this happens to you, all you have to do is go into iTunes > Edit > Preferences > Devices. You should see your previous backups. Delete all of them. Backup again and any corrupt messages SHOULD be gone…they were in my case.

    Again, I’m no expert and my method probably wasn’t the easiest. Just throwing this out there in case anyone wants to try something out. Hope I could help!

  • Prasad

    This worked for me too, Thanks for your help with this article.

  • KK

    Thank u so much for sharing this info. It worked. Thank u sooo much. :-)

  • Jay

    Thank you thank you!! I forgot my restrictions passcode for over a year! I only use maybe 4 or 5 different codes for pin #, etc. but apparently this time I used something completely different. I am not very tech savvy but after reading the instructions and scrolling through the comments, I was able to identify why the process was not working the first few times I tried. Maybe this will help others:

    After clicking on and locating the lines in the text SBParentalControlsFailedAttempts
    X this line was reading 109 in my text so I changed it to read 0 as someone else stated in another comment. Then I added 2 new lines of textSBParentalControlsPIN
    1234 as mentioned in the instructions. Hit the save icon and then x out and then hit restore located in upper right hand corner. Before you hit okay there are 3 instructions you can choose to select. I just chose restore and waited and bam…it shut down my ipad for me and then I went in under settings and used 1234 for my new restrictions passcode!
    As stated in earlier comments you will need to turn off find my ipad/ipod/iPhone. I went to settings and scrolled down till I found icloud and scrolled down till I found find my ipad and turned it off. After I did that I no longer received error message when trying to restore.
    I decided to be detailed because it really helps me since I am not much of a tech. This is awesome and actually east to figure out. Thanks again.

  • Eva

    Do you have to BUY iBackupBot or can this be achieved using the free trial version?

    • natan

      You have to buy and if you are wondering the price, is very expensive! U$35, dang!
      You dont have anymore the option to edit yourself, you need to pay them. dang

      • Jon

        Nope you don’t. I did it free.

        • Lana

          How? Please tell me.

          • Dave

            Is there a way to do this for free?

  • keir

    I was following the instructions from Apple Support Forums but they suggested to put the new lines of code a few lines below


    It didn’t work, i tried it at least 5 or 6 times. I followed the instructions above and it worked.

    Look for this line:SBParentalControlsFailedAttempts
    0 INSTEAD OF 19
    Directly beneath this, i added the following code:

    Then restored.
    All worked fine.

    • joe

      will i lose photos?

      • Jojiface

        i didn’t lose my photos when i did it. hope that helps… good luck!

    • Jojiface

      thank you for this!! worked for me! ahhhhhhhh!!!! so happy!! :)

    • trex252nc

      THIS WORKED LIKE A CHARM ON MY 5S and 6. On my 5S it didnt reset the timer but thats ok, I waited 22 minutes and voila, entered the 1234 and I was in. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  • Jennifer

    Could not get APP information from device:
    Could not start! Error code:-256
    Hello again, the above error message is what I now get. Thanks.

  • Jennifer

    Hello, I have gotten to step 7 “restore the file into your iPhone via iBackupBot”. A pop up screen comes up that states “Device detected, loading information. This may take a long time on first run. Please wait…” but the application is not responding….I get the wheel…This is on a mac…
    Is this part of the first run? Or is something wrong?
    Thank you. Jennifer

  • Tracey Saunders

    Brilliant – I had put restrictions on my daughters phone and had no idea what passcode I used. so could not update anything. This worked perfectly – so I have control back and it didn’t cost me a penny – Thanks a million :)

  • Jessica

    When I try to open “” it asks me for a password. What do I do?

    • Jojiface

      enter your apple id password (the one you use for downloading apps and music).

      • dwinton

        when I try to open the file it won’t open in ibackupbot. [‘could not open file for reading”] when I try to export it to my desktop so I can launch it in a plist editor it encounters the same error and won’t export. when I try to directly load the long-string-of-numbers name for the parent folder into the plist editor, I see the three subfolders -info-manifest-status- but not the separate individual files that should exist. i don’t know why this isn’t working for me. but i can’t get to the internal SB info so far….

  • Ranae

    This worked perfectly for me. And I’m SO not a computer geek (I mean that nicely) at all. Just took some time.

  • Rachel Lea Macdonald

    I can’t find in preference. I have done a backup and removed any encryption. Please help!

  • Michael Mathieu

    Thanks so much for this article. Saved me from restoring my daughter’s ipad as new just to get netflix on to it.

  • Zeny St George

    Thanks!!! Simple and easy instructions. I forgot the restriction code that I put on the daughter’s iPhone 5s. Downloaded and fixed in 10 minutes.

  • Joel7050

    It just says device not ready every single time. already tried switching between iTunes engine

  • Joel7050

    iBackupBot Is Stuck At Restroting, Please Wait…

  • Anonymouse.

    Helped so much! I was forgetting to restore after i finshed. For anyone struggling:
    IF you see or “interger” just switch the interger to “string”.
    Also you have to add a completely new line to it as mentioned above, not edit the previous line.
    Then make sure you press the restore button after you close the plist editor, to ensure it works.
    Thanks so much, this saved my life lol.

  • Waleed Mahmood Bhatti

    best and easy method! :)

  • Anime

    Hey it wont let me change the backup, it doesnt update it when I back it up for my new Ipad it stays with the one I backed up about a year ago is there anyway to get it to update the backup?

  • Hardik

    i am unable to save the file from the “in built text editor’ everytime i edit and save and then open the same file again to find that the changes i made are gone. plz help.

  • Daniyel

    I did everything including turning off find my iPhone and my iPhone even reboots but it still isn’t working. Can someone please help me. I don’t want to restore my iPhone.

  • Khristian Paull Gaspar

    I followed all the instructions but still error help me please, mine is iphone 4 GSM

  • Akash

    It keeps telling me that “a non key was found in line 67”. Any ideas why?

    • Joel7050

      You re Most Likely Missing or For Your SBParentalControlsPIN Line.

      • lana

        when i add it, it says “unexpected key”

  • Gabriela

    Nevermind! Had find my Iphone on! Thank you so much!!!

  • Gabriela

    Got this error?
    Error Occured, error code:-37
    For more details, please follow this link: About Restore Error
    If the error code not listed, please contact

  • Fario Azario

    Hey everyone!!
    Those who are confused whether to type or . Just type 1234 instead of .

  • M Turab Mehdi

    It’s perfect! Just worked on my iPhone 5s GSM iOS 8.1.2. Thanks a lot iGeeks, I was trapped in this problem for many days. Many Thanks again!

  • Turab

    It’s perfect! Just worked on my iPhone 5s GSM iOS 8.1.2. Thanks a lot iGeeks, I was trapped for days earlier.

  • Stéphane

    I tried a lot of different methods to rest the passcode on my iPhone and this is the only method that worked. Thanks. Thats an impressive method to solve the problem.

  • Naren Arya

    Thanks Dear, You save my phone

  • Philip Chris

    when i save it, it doesnt save the changes?

    • Christopher

      Did you perform the restore and reboot?

  • Philip Chris

    couldnt find failed attempts

  • Holley Vietor Wallace

    I can not get this to work for me. I have tried it two times and the restrictions pass code is still there. Is these hopeless? I don’t care if I lose everything in the iPad .

  • Holley Vietor Wallace

    I tried this and it will not work for me the restrictions passcode is still the same as before, which I do not know. Is there another way, I don’t care if I lose everything off this ipad.

  • Me

    I just want to reset the restrictions passcode, as my child found it out, without having to lose all the current restrictions already set, and have to re-do them later. I know the current pass-code, I just want to change it…..any quick and easy ideas??

    • What you need to do is, go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions. Enter your current passcode. Now tap on Disable Restrictions (it will ask you to enter your current passcode). Now tap on Enable Restrictions, and here you can set new passcode.

  • daisy girl

    nevermind it works now

  • daisy girl

    didnt work for me ive been attempting this for 3 weeks now and it still doesnt work

  • Elusive

    You just made my night. Worked perfectly iOS8.0, thank you. Folks getting Error 37, disable “Find my iPhone” and the restore with iBackup will work.

    • dgherman13

      Thank you Elusive! Worked with your input on the error message. I’m glad I scrolled down to look.

  • Collin Brooks

    Hey i can’t find the “failed attempts” do I have to unplug and plug back in?

  • Gagan Deep

    Hey Dhvanesh Adhiya,man u r amazing! your tweak worked on my iphone 5 ios 8.1.1 !!!!Thats really great mate,Thanx a ton for your this share !

  • Deadthingsgobang


  • Kenzy

    I can’t backup or restore my iPhone without putting in the passcode on my phone.. so how does this help me when trying to reset my passcode?

    • PJ

      You are talking about the main passcode for the phone.. This is the restrictions passcode for restricting certain preferences.

  • Ames

    You rock dude! Worked like a charm on ios8. Thank you!

  • Nerdus Maximus

    Thank you. After seeing some many sites state this can’t be done, it’s great to come across such a simple and quick hack.

    Like another poster here, this didn’t work for me – at first.

    reason being the modified .PLIST file didn’t actually save to the
    iPhone, despite appearing to do so. Exporting the .PLIST file, editing
    it elsewhere, and then re-Importing didn’t work either… because I
    couldn’t Import. The error message when attempting the import cites the reason.

    My modified .PLIST didn’t actually save was because my
    iTunes backup was password-encrypted. The easy fix was to first remove backup
    encryption using iTunes.

    If you are locked out from entering
    the Restrictions password, you can speed things up by modifying other
    key values to change the Next Attempt time or incorrect attempts logged.

  • Moiz

    i found this line instead SBParentalControlsFailedAttempts

    10 should i write SBParentalControlsPIN
    1234 beneath this line SBParentalControlsFailedAttempts

    10 ???

    • Nathen Eadie

      man i’m in the same boat, but neither work, the estimated time just keeps goin up and then eventually it fails

      • Elusive

        Disable find my iphone on your device and it will work.

        • Deepshikha

          I am getting the same thing …like mentioned above but find my iPhone is already disabled on my ipad

  • LYM

    Hi, I’ve just tried exact prescription above on iPad 3 w/ iOS 8.1, iTunes as a last resort and voila! it work! You a genius, iGeeksBlog! I made sure that I could backup properly first in iTunes. Sometimes for some reason, backup doesn’t update the backup. (For that, I deleted in iTunes my backup under devices, then ran Backup.) I used built-in iBackBot plist editor. And was very, very patient. Took a while to read the device, then restore. I went and did some work, came back it was all finished, shut down the app, rebooted my iPad 3 and haleuja, “1234” worked!

  • jjbgoode

    Thank You! After countless hours of searching and over 32 attempts (each attempt catalogued so as not to repeat them…only one attempt per hour) I was finally able to disable my restrictions. Can’t thank you enough.

  • Dynamite T

    Hello.I have tried this but everytime i save the edit and go back it has removed all i have edited.Please help.

    • This could probably be due to changes in iOS 8. Are you saving the file in iBackupBot first before trying to restore it through the software?

      • Dynamite T

        I was using iOS 7 however i decised to try the ifile method and jail broke my phone.It worked perfectly.

    • Nerdus Maximus

      This is consistent with your iTunes backup being encrypted. If that’s the case, remove backup encryption using iTunes.

      • Dynamite T

        I had tried the jailbreak method however now that you mention it, my iphone backup was encrypted.

      • Hardik

        how to remove back up encryption

  • Jan

    I apologize, however, I just can’t get this to work. I did upgrade to IOS 8 to see if that would help. I think I got the file edited correctly. I changed the number of failed attempts to 2. Now when I attempt to restore, it sits for a few minutes. The Ipad says “restore in progress” and the computer says “starting restore.” After several minutes, I get “Device is not ready” with no error code. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

    • Sorry, Jan. This is trumping us too. Make sure you have the latest iTunes. Also, you can try downloading the ipsw file directly (from sites like and then doing a Shift+Restore. If all fails, can you try this: erase all content and settings from Settings -> General -> Reset and then try to restore your iPad. I know this is a pain in the back but looks like that’s a thing you can try. If some data on iPad is preventing the restore, this might fix it.

  • Christopher Clarke

    Wow, thanks for that! It actually worked!! This is great
    iOS 8.1 – iPhone 6 Plus

  • Aryanna

    Everything worked up until the point where I had to change the code. I couldn’t find the line SBParentalControlsFailedAttempts
    X , so I put it under the other line, the ParentalControlsMCContentRestrictions one, and it kept saying that it found an unknown key at that line, so I couldn’t save it. Is there a way to fix this? After I closed it, and tried to reboot my phone, it said I had error -37.
    by the way, i have an iPhone 4 with ios 7.1.2

  • Jan

    I followed the instructions, found the file and made the edits. I then did restored the file, rebooted the ipad and I still get the number of attempts failed error and 1234 does not work. When I go back into edit the file again, it has moved my line down in the list but it is still there. Any suggestions? I am on IOS7 but am updating to IOS8 to see if that helps.

    • Strange why it would move the line down. Is it still right below the SBParentalControlsFailedAttemp
      ts key-string? Try editing the under SBParentalControlsFailedAttempts
      key to 2 or 3 and see if that reflects in the Restriction settings
      error message. If yes, then try to repeat the steps from the tutorial

      • Nerdus Maximus

        Most .PLIST editors sort file content alphabetically. It’s normal to see the added string definition jump a few lines down in the file after saving and re-loading. This won’t affect how the file functions.

  • mbasappa

    Wow!! Dhvanesh Adhiya….Thanks a million. It was simple and bang on!! I had confiscated my son’s mobile as I was unable to define his restrictions. He is going to very happy today.

  • Nirmiti

    I can’t find the line SBParentalControlsFailedAttemptsX. What should I do?

    • Could you just check for a line having SBParentalControlsFailedAttempts?
      If it’s not up there, check for any other key that sounds similar. Note
      that this was written for iOS 7 and we have only a few users saying
      that this worked for iOS 8.

  • pavan

    Thanks it worked for me on iOS 8, with the backup file taken during the update.

  • Sam

    It worked beautifully on my iPad mini 2 (retina display) 32gb wifi with iOS 7.1.2. I followed the step by step and it worked. I did not have iCloud nor find my iPhone turned on.

  • lightspectre

    Not working for me. iPhone5 with IOS 7.1.2 connected to a PC. Have a current backup of my phone on iTunes. iTunes was closed. downloaded and ran iBackupBot. Found the file: HomeDomain/Library/Preferences/, found the appropriate text string and changed the failed attempts to 0 and added the 1234 text. Then tried restoring this data two ways. 1) selected that above listed file, and right clicked restore to device. File restored successfully and phone restarted. Tried ‘Restrictions’ again and it shows still locked out due to failed attempts. Waited out timer and entered 1234, but did not work. Disconnected and reconnected phone to refresh iBackupBot files, and text string that was changed is still changed (good) 2) With phone unlocked, did restore backup of all system files using iBackupBot, but process freezes and won’t complete the backup. Stuck. Is this futile; is there no way to do this with IOS 7.1.2? If so, how do I erase everything and start fresh?

  • tpbfan

    Thank you so much! I am studying for a huge exam and suddenly my restrictions passcode stopped working and I couldn’t access my material. Your method worked brilliantly (and I have very little tech knowledge). I was so panicked and now I am back on track. So much appreciation!!

  • Olifantie

    I keep getting an error, it says; “Your iPad/Iphone/Itouch is not ‘paired’ with this computer. Please accept the trust dialog on the screen of device, then attempt to pair it. Do you want to retry?”
    However, there is no trust dialog on the screen. It doesn’t go away, even if I click ‘no’. Does anyone know what to do?

  • Claus

    Restore process is always stopping after a few seconds. System is telling me starting restore, please wait………. Who can help me. It is IPhone 4 with IOS 7.1.2

  • AB

    Works on iPad 2 using ios 7.1.2. Just make sure you turn off Find my iPhone through iCloud using your Apple ID Password

  • JC

    I tried this and it did not work when I tried to restore. Got eror code -37. When I checked on this error code it said that one of the causes could be having “find my iphone” turned on, which I do, but I cannot turn it off without the restrictions passcode. Any solutionns?

    • Hi,
      Turns out the only way to get yourself out of this is to “erase iPhone” from on the web. To do this:
      – Go to
      – Find My iPhone
      – Select your iPhone from the list.
      – Click on Erase iPhone. This will wipe all data.
      Now, connect iPhone to the computer, backup from iTunes and you’re done.

  • Ashish Rohaj

    Dear Dhvanesh Adhiya. I was so amazed to see how nicely it worked for my iphone 5, iOS7. I had been trying out everything else, as my no of attempts has been 10. Thanks a lot for this post. Hope others too get benefited with this.

    • Dhvanesh Adhiya

      That’s great Ashish

      Cheers… :)

  • Reboot?

  • heather

    IT worked for me, yahoo!! I am impressed. No where else that I could find offered this solution. I did it on an iPad mini. the word integer was there instead of strings.

  • heather

    on what screen do I use control T, couldn’t figure out how to restore on my iPad. The code said integer not strings. Hoping that was right.

    • This is on iOS 7? Because I’m not sure if this works on iOS 7. We had many users report that it isn’t.

      • heather

        Hi, I got it to work following the steps. I just tried control T in a few places and finished the steps. And it worked. Thanks for your help!!!

  • gale

    Thank you! I actually did not forget my code but it just stopped working. I learned after some searching that this happens sometimes. This fixed it!

  • Sorin Ovidiu

    Thanks! I did reset the restriction code on iphone 4 ios 7.0.4,only with a complete restore!

  • Mauricio Torres

    does this work with iOS7 ?

    • Nope. We’re trying to find a solution.

      • Luis Fernando

        works yes, I did a complete restore the program and it worked in iphone 5s 7.0.4

  • Sean H.

    Can confirm – does not work with iOS 7. Things have changed, I know the location of the file at least if anyone wants to be a help in fixing this. HomeDomain/Library/Preferences/

  • Faisal Wattoo

    it doesnt work with iOs7.. any solution for this?

    • Yeah, iOS 7 changes things. We’re looking into it though.

      • Mahmoud Albukhari

        any news witn iso 7 did you find out the solution for reactive the restriction code?

  • phmode

    This is amazing. It ought to be engraved on the back of every iThingy.

    What a stupid thing the Passcode is. ‘Someone’ or ‘Something’ set the passcode on my iPad and it was all but useless; a shiny brick!

    I downloaded iBackupBot and within five minutes my iPad was mine again.

    You are a hero of the republic and much wealth and happiness will be yours; or at least it will be when it is my turn to be God!

  • Denise

    whats error code 37 in ibackupbot ? im trying to restore phone, I did all the steps in the above but when I typed in 1234 it didnt work. so I am doing a restore again first in ibackupbot is that ok ? should I do the steps again ?

    • Willson Blesstian

      error code 37 means that you do not have enough space on your phone to complete the restore/backup. You need to free up some space preferably until u have 3.7 gb free space