As compared to iOS, OS X doesn't have a reset button which lets you reset a dock back to factory defaults fairly easily. For whatever reason you want to reset the dock back to factory defaults in OS X, how will you do so considering there is no reset button?

One of the prime reasons of resetting a dock as new may be because you want to remove all the installed/added apps or application shortcuts from it. Though not as simple as you find it in iOS, it takes just a few easy steps to reset a dock back to factory defaults in OS X. Let's do it!

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How To Reset The OS X Dock To Factory Defaults

How To Reset Mac OS X Dock To Factory Defaults

Step #1. Launch Finder

Step #2. Click on Application

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Step #3. Click on Utilities

Step #4. Double-click on Terminal

Reset The OS X Dock To Factory Defaults

(Alternatively, just open Spotlight (Cmd+Space) and type ‘terminal'. Tap enter to open Terminal.)

Step #5. Type default delete

Step #6. Press the return button (on the keyboard) to execute the command.

Step #7. Type killall Dock.

Resetting OS X Dock To Factory Defaults

Step #8. Press the Return button again to restart the dock.

That's all! The Dock will be reset to factory defaults.

One thing to remember: if you had ever uninstalled any default apps while resetting the dock, they will appear as “?” icons. They will not disappear until you either uninstall or reinstall them. If you don't want any default app that the dock contains, you will have to remove the placeholder from the dock. In case you want them back, you will have to click on “?” and reinstall.

Now that the newest operating system OS X Yosemite has been released, you have a good reason to reset your dock as new. Loaded with some of the most user-friendly features like that of Handoff, it will let you experience technology in a new way.

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