How to Reset iTunes Lockdown Folder on Mac and Windows

Resetting iTunes Lockdown folder is the last option in Mac OS X or Windows to resolve iTunes issues. Take utmost care while dealing with these files as it might corrupt your iOS.

Ever wondered how iTunes automatically detects your synced devices when you connect them to your Mac or Windows PC. That’s because iTunes creates Lockdown certificates for each device that is synced with the Mac or Windows PC. These certificates contain UDID data of synced devices.

There are few occasions when you would like to intervene in the process of iTunes and make some changes. It’s then when you’ll need to take care of Lockdown certificates. Before we proceed with the guide, please note that do not play around with these certificates. Don’t delete, move, rename, copy, or cut it. In simple words, stay away from these certificates as long as possible.

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How to Locate and Reset iTunes Lockdown on Mac and Windows

How to Find and Reset iTunes Lockdown Certificates on Mac and Windows

Now that we have warned you, we can move further with the guide. We have first given the process to locate these certificates on Mac and Windows PC. After that, we will guide on how to reset these certificates.

Locate Lockdown folder on Mac

The Lockdown folder on Mac is located at:

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In finder on Mac, Click on “Go” from Top navigation and click on “Go to Folder”, and paste the above path. and hit the return/enter key.

Click on Go to Folder on MaciTunes Lockdown Folder Path in Mac

Locate Lockdown folder on Windows

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This is furthermore divided in the different Windows version. First we will help you locate

Lockdown folder in Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Apple\Lockdown

Lockdown folder in Windows Vista

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C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\roaming\Apple Computer\Lockdown

Lockdown folder in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10


As you have located the Lockdown folder, you’ll now see plist files for each device you have synched with that particular PC. Now let’s move ahead to reset these Lockdown certificates.

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How to Reset iTunes Lockdown Certificates in Mac OS X and Windows

Step #1. Very first thing you’ll need to do is to quit iTunes and remove any iOS devices attached to your Mac or Windows PC.

Step #2. Now go to the Lockdown directory from the location discussed above depending on your device and OS.

Step #3. Select all the files in the Lockdown folder and delete them. This step might require you to enter your administrator password depending on the privileges you have set.

That’s it; the certificates have been reset and you’ll need to trust the computer once again when you connect an iOS device with iTunes. We have already mentioned earlier, but we would like to warn again to not mess with these files unless and until it is required.

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