Forgot Note Password? How to Unlock Note on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Don't let a forgotten note password stop you from accessing your notes; there's a way you may recover your data and reset the note password on your iOS devices and Mac.

Quite like Apple, I am a stickler for protecting my privacy and don’t mind taking an extra step to safeguard my personal information. Though sometimes there’s a downside to my possessiveness, precisely when I forgot my note password.

Notes have been my go-to app for saving essential information such as passwords, account details, and transaction history among other things. And why not, your Notes can be synced across the Apple ecosystem; moreover, you can lock your notes with password on your iPhone and Mac.

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However, the trouble arises when you forget note password and the hint question isn’t helpful. Fortunately, there is a way to reset a forgotten Notes password on iOS and Mac. I have been a victim of one such incidence, and this is what I did.

How to Unlock Notes When You Forgot Password on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Unfortunately, if your notes are just password-protected, you can’t regain access to your locked notes until you remember the password. Even if you create a new password, that will apply to the new notes only, and the old one will remain unopenable.

Thankfully I was using a device with Touch ID and managed to recover my crucial information from the notes.

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How to Recover Locked Notes Using Touch ID on iOS Device

Step #1. Open Notes app on your device and Tap on to open the note you want to unlock.

Open Locked Note You Want to Recover in Notes App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on View Note. When the dialogue window prompts for a password, enter your Touch ID or Face ID.

Tap View Note and Enter Touch ID to Recover Locked Notes in iOS Device

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Step #3. Once opened, copy the content of the note and Tap ‘< (Back)’ to exit from the note.

Copy Note and Tap on Back to Exit from Locked Note on iPhone

Step #4. Tap on Create Note icon from the bottom right corner and Paste the content on a new note and save the new note.

Create New Note and Paste Content of Locked Note on iPhone

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Step #5. Repeat steps #1 – #4 for all the locked notes you want to recover.

Once done, follow the below-mentioned steps to reset your notes password.

Note that this solution only works for iPhone or iPad with Touch ID or Face ID or a Mac with Touch Bar or Touch ID power button. Another constraint is that your Touch ID or Face ID should have been activated as a password earlier as well. I am really sorry for the loss of your data if none of these conditions aren’t met.

How to Reset Forgotten Notes Password on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device and tap on Notes.

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Launch Setting and Tap on Notes App on iOS Device

Step #2. Tap on Password and select the Reset Password option.

Reset Forgotten Notes Password on iPhone

Step #3. A dialogue window will ask for your Apple ID Password, enter the password and tap on OK.

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Enter Apple ID Password to Change Notes Password on iOS Device

Step #4. Next, tap on Reset Password again and enter your new password and password hint and Tap on Done to finish the process.

Tap on Reset Password and Enter New Password and Hint on iPhone

How to Reset Forgotten Notes Password on Mac

Step #1. Open the Notes app on your Mac.

Open Notes App on Mac

Step #2. Click on Notes from the menu options and select Preferences.

Click on Preferences in Mac Notes App Settings

Step #3. Click on Reset Password.

Click on Reset Password to Change Notes Password on Mac

Step #4. Click on OK to confirm Reset your password.

Click on OK to Reset Forgotten Notes Password on Mac

Step #5. A dialogue window will ask for your iCloud Password, enter the password and click OK.

Enter iCloud Account Password to Change Notes Password on Mac

Step #6. Click on Reset Password for confirming to change the Password.

Click on Reset Password to Reset Notes Password on Mac

Step #7. Now enter the new password you want to keep and password hint and then click on Set Password.

Set New Password and Password Hint for Forgotten Notes on Mac

That’s how it’s done, folks!!

Signing off

With great features comes greater protection and a slight bit of inconvenience. The Notes app employs a single password for all your notes on all your devices. So, if you forgot the password, you’ll be locked out of all your notes from all your devices.

Though the non-recoverability is a great feature where security is concerned, it is quite unfortunate for us forgetful types. However, now with Touch ID and Face ID feature, that issue is solved as well. Here are some more great features you shall check.

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