How to Replace iPhone 4/4S Battery: Do-It-Yourself Guide

The battery on the iPhone 4S is a big improvement on its predecessors, yet its power will still diminish over time. If you have noticed that your iPhone 4S battery does not hold its charge like it once did, then it’s time to change your battery.

Often, people feel they must buy a whole new iPhone when its battery no longer holds power, when in fact it only needs a replacement. This is actually not that expensive and is one of the easiest of all iPhone DIY repairs. Our simple guide below will help you with the process:

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Based on the tips found on, you must first get hold of the following items. These tools can be purchased online on eTech Parts.

1. #00 Phillips screwdriver
2. Mini 5-Point security screwdriver (to open the iPhone)
3. Replacement battery
4. Spudger tool

How to replace the battery of your iPhone 4S:
Step 1). Before performing any repairs on the iPhone 4S, you should power off the device.

How to Replace iPhone 4 Battery
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Step 2). Using the Mini 5-Point screwdriver, unscrew each side of the dock connector port. Since the screws are small, be sure to place them somewhere safe so you can easily see them. It doesn’t matter if you interchange the two screws, as they are both the same size.

Step 3). Gently slide the back plate, lift it off and set it aside. It’s best to put the plate together with the screws.

Step 4). Using the Phillips screwdriver, you need to gently remove the two screws holding the battery in place. Unlike the dock port screws, these are of different lengths so you have to remember which screw goes where. The bottom screw is the slightly larger one.

Step 5).Using the spudger tool, carefully remove the tiny grounding clip located underneath the battery clip before prying it up. Then gently pry the battery clip upwards so it pops out.

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How to Replace iPhone 4S Battery
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Step 6). Taking the spudger tool again, softly pry up the battery on all sides. If one side is resistant, try a little further down. The battery is stuck down with a good adhesive so work gently, and avoid forcing it as it could bend or rip the battery. Also, take especial care not to disconnect the volume button cables.

Step 7). Before snapping the new battery back in, line up the tiny grounding clip over the screw hole. Carefully snap down the replacement battery into the logic board, then firmly press down to ensure that the adhesive sticks.

Step 8). Using the Phillips screwdriver, replace the two screws you previously. Remember which screw goes where.
Also, make sure that the grounding clip stays in position.

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Step 9). Slide the cover down carefully, then replace the two outer screws on each side of the dock connector using the security screwdriver.

To ensure that you’ve perfectly changed your battery, it’s time to turn on your iPhone 4S. If it doesn’t work, try plugging it into a USB connector or wall charger then check to see the charging icon on the screen. It’s best to exhaust the first battery life before completely charging the device fully.

With the steps above, you can save yourself the hassle – and the cost – of going to the Apple store and purchasing a new iPhone 4S. Why pay someone to do it, when you can change the battery by yourself.

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