How to Rename Your Apple TV [Quick Tip]

Personalize your Apple TV by renaming the same. We have dealt with two simple methods to rename your 4th generation Apple TV as well as older versions of your Apple TV.

Having more than one Apple TV in a single household is the latest fashion. People have different choices for their entertainment as there are countless genres telecast every day.

This requires some personalization on your Apple TV if you have a room of your own in that big household. In other words, you need to rename your Apple TV. For this, you need your Apple TV on and connected with your television; and keep that remote control in your hands.

How to Rename Apple TV

How to Rename your New Apple TV

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your Apple TV.

Step #2. Select AirPlay.

Step #3. Now choose Apple TV Name.

Step #4. You can either select pre-defined names of Apple TV or select Custom Name.

Step #5. Type in your choice of name for Apple TV.

Step #6. Press Done.

It’s done. From now on, if you want to check your Apple TV under the AirPlay menu on other devices, or via Remote app on your iPhone, you can check your Apple TV by its new name. This information was meant for the fourth generation Apple TV. If you have an older Apple TV (third generation or earlier), you can follow this information.

How to Rename an Older Apple TV

Step #1. Launch Settings app on Apple TV.

Step #2. Select General.

Step #3. Choose About.

Step #4. Now select Name.

Finally, type in your choice of name; your older Apple TV is renamed. Both the methods are easy to follow on your Apple TV.

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