Bank statements, financial records are password protected and sent as PDF files in order to provide more security. The password protection goes a long way in safeguarding the PDF files from unauthorised people. While the encrypted PDF files provide the much needed security, it may become a bit a complex task to remove their passwords especially if you are not much aware of it.

Supposing you have received a password protected PDF, how would you remove the password from PDF file on your Mac OS X with easy steps? Though you can use tools to get rid of PDF file passwords, there is a trick to make the password removal process pretty simple. And, it doesn’t involve lengthy roundabout process.

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How To Remove Password From PDF Files in Mac OS X

How To Remove Password From PDF Files On Mac OS X

Step #1. Open encrypted PDF file in Preview.

Step #2. Enter password to open the document.

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Enter Password to Open PDF Files on MacStep #3. Click on File from Menu and then select Save.

Step #4. Now, you will need to Save the file. Make sure to let the encryption box remain unchecked.

Remove Password From PDF Files On Mac OS XNote: One thing is to be remembered, if you happen to Save over the active file, the existing document will be replaced. Instead of that if you Save the document with a different name or let’s say a new name, a secondary PDF file will be created. The new PDF file won’t be encrypted with password. Honestly speaking, that’s the trick of getting rid of the password from PDF files easily.

Once the password has been removed from the PDF file, you can use it just like any other file. Do you know any other trick of removing password from any PDF files? Do provide your inputs.

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