Ever since iOS 7 came up, a lot of users noted the new “tabbed” interface of the Notification Center. Quite naturally, some of us wanted to remove the tabs and have just a unified Notification Center. This is, of course, not possible by default.

However, NCAllOnly is a Cydia tweak that puts a solution in sight. With the tweak, you can disable all tabs and have all the notifications shown – which is the true iOS 6-style notification center. Here’s more.

iOS 7 puts a sort of dent in Notification Center’s efficacy for people who do not rely on their calendars and reminders all the time. The default NC shows you three tabs: Today, All and Missed.

How to Remove Today & Missed Tabs from iOS 7 Notification Center with NCAllOnly Cydia Tweak

There is no way to remove the tabs or configure them. If you want to see the notifications that you missed, you have to tap on the corresponding tab (or swipe left to get to it). While segregating notifications is good, having no control over their layout is a missing feature.

How to Remove Tabs in iOS 7 Notification Center Using NCAllOnly Cydia Tweak

NCAllOnly, a Cydia tweak from Jonathan Bailey, solves this missing feature. With the tweak installed, you can disable the tabbed view. Disabling the tabbed view lets you view every uncleared notification. There are no tabs to switch to; just plain old iOS 6-like Notification Center.

NCAllOnly also lets you customize the notification center tabs – you can have three states:

  1. Turn off all tabs so it’s just one unified NC with all your notifications, alerts and reminders
  2. Show the “Missed” tab (this will display All and Missed tabs)
  3. Show the “Today” tab (this will display Today and Notifications tab. The notifications tab will list both missed and other notifications)

NCAllOnly Cydia Tweak

Thankfully, this tweak – which, I guess, will be deemed essential by some of us – is freely available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

The tweak is compatible with all iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch running iOS 7. A7-devices (iPhone 5s, iPad Air) are not supported yet.

  • blahblahblah

    Where is the time/date stamp for this article? I have no idea how current it is.

  • Ashvin Savaliya

    With this tweak I cannot even use my control center as I am using Multitasking Gesture…What do I do?? I really need to get rid of Today and All tab from Notification Center….

    • Unfortunately, if the tweaks are conflicting, you have to let go of one of them. (and there are many cases where Multitasking Gestures conflicted with other tweaks related to NC/CC).