How to Remove Location from Instagram Photos on iPhone

Share your Instagram photos from iPhone without giving any detail of location, where you captured the photos. This tutorial tells you how you can save your privacy in the virtual world.

The feature that facilitates you becomes a headache at times. There are many social media apps available, and most of them have a common feature of photo sharing. Setting itself apart from the group is Instagram, which is undoubtedly the most popular photo sharing app. The app is solely dedicated to sharing pictures and nothing else; video sharing is a rare sight on Instagram.

While sharing their photos, people also tend to show the location, i.e. where the photo or photos were taken. This can be a useful feature as others get to know that you spent your vacation in a certain place. But this can open the doors for others to attack your privacy; especially for the employees who furnish convincing excuses (what a paradox!) to their boss for going on a vacation.

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How to Remove Location from Instagram Photos on iPhone

If you have enabled this feature of location, you should remove it from your Instagram photos immediately, just to secure your privacy. Quite often, culprits who are engaged in the bad business of stealing goods can easily spot your residence from the photos and location shared by you. This can be more dangerous for you and your family. So it is advisable to remove the location from your Instagram photos on your iPhone. We are sure that you have already removed location services from your Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.

How to Remove Location from Instagram Pictures on iPhone

It goes without saying that if you are testing this information, you should enable location services on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #1. Launch Instagram app on your iPhone.

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Step #2. Next, tap on the profile icon from the menu at the bottom of the phone screen.

Tap on Profile Icon in Instagram on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on the photo from which you want to remove location.

Tap on The Photo You Want to Remove Location from Instagram

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Step #4. Now tap on the horizontal ellipsis (three dots…).

Tap on 3 Dots Next to Username in Instagram on iPhone

Step #5. A menu will swipe up from the bottom. Tap on Edit.

Tap on Edit in Instagram Photo

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Step #6. Tap on Location, which is below your username.

Tap on Location in Instagram Photo on iPhone

Step #7. Again a menu will swipe up from the bottom. Tap on Remove Location.

Remove Location from Instagram Photo on iPhone

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Step #8. Finally, tap on Done from the upper right corner of your phone’s screen.

This is done! Now nobody can see the location from your Instagram photos. Please note that this action will delete geotag from a photo and also remove the photo from the photo map.

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