How to Remove a Card from Apple Pay Using iCloud

Not everybody can bear the cost of an iPhone, and regardless of the fact that you do stand to purchase an iPhone, you can not afford to get it stolen. The iPhone is an incredible gadget with part of things there to make living simpler. However, it won’t take more than a couple of minutes to make a living like heck once your phone gets stolen.

How to Remove a Card from Apple Pay Using iCloud

You have numerous private points of interest lying there. You have your photographs, videos and much more private information you’ll never want any other person getting their hands on. Furthermore in particular, if you use Apple Pay, there is your card’s detail on the device, and it is a huge screw-up.

I use Apple Pay, and my iPhone was stolen, do I need to worry?

Of course not, as long as you keep reading great articles like this one. Having your iPhone stolen with your card details in it is an awful thing, however just getting hands on your phone won’t permit the thief to utilize your card. The thief has a device with your credit or debit card info put away on it, however, fortunately, Apple Pay utilizes the Touch ID fingerprint scanner as a major aspect of its approval, and the thief does not have your hands.

Still, we see how uncomfortable is the idea that your credit or debit card is put away on a stolen phone. However we’ve got you covered once more, it’s super simple to remove a card and add it back later with iCloud.

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How to Remove a Card from Apple Pay Using iCloud

It’s pretty easy as long as you’re comfortable with the steps in the rundown below.

Step #1. Visit

Step #2. Log in to your iCloud account.

Step #3. When on the main screen, navigate to settings by clicking on the Settings icon.

Click on Settings from iCloud

Step #4. In the My devices section, find the phone that was stolen.

In the My devices section, find the phone that was stolen

Step #5. Once you are able to locate the right device, click on it.

Step #6. On the next screen, you’ll see the cards that are added to the device, just remove everything you want by clicking on Remove.

Once you click on remove, you’ll see a warning that will tell you that you’ll not be able to use your card further. However, this is what you want for now. Allow the confirmation, and you’ll be safe then. Once you get your device replaced or you’re ready to use Apple Pay you can re-add your card.

That’s all!

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