Update: Unfortunately, the tweak is no longer available. But do check out our post on the best Control Center tweaks for more cool minimalist toggle icons.

This one comes courtesy of Reddit. The Control Center toggles come with a default border (circular for the toggles and square for the shortcuts). You can customize and change these toggles and shortcuts but removing the border seemed not possible.

But of course, with a little bit of tweaking, you can remove the borders around the Control Center toggles. Although limited for the moment to CCToggles tweak only, the thing works and it looks pretty neat.

How to Remove Borders from Control Center Toggles in iOS 7

Here's How to Remove Borders from CCToggles Icons:

You'll need:

  • This file.
  • iFile (download on Cydia, $4.99)
  • Winterboard (download on Cydia, free)

Step 1: Download the file on your iPhone. If you are reading this in Safari (on iPhone), click on that link to download it. If you have Safari Download Enabler, it would be easier to manage.
Step 2: Once the file downloads, you can open it in iFile with the Open In iFile option.
Step 3: Tap on Unzip when iFile shows the Unzip / Archiver option.
Step 4: After it unzips, select the folder (NoBorderCCToggles.theme) by tapping on Edit and then tapping on the folder.
Step 5: Tap on the clipboard icon (bottom-right) and tap on Copy/Link.
Step 6: Head to /var/stash/theme/
Step 7: Tap on Edit and then tap on the clipboard icon again. Then, Paste.

Now, open Winterboard and you'll see a new item in the list titled NoBorderCCToggles. Enable this and then respring to apply the change.

The toggles and shortcuts should now have no borders around them. This makes the Control Center look more minimal, neater and beautiful.

Reddit user u/jinsk8r who posted about this notes that this was only tested in CCToggles. We took a different route: we used CCControls only and the effect is applied to the shortcut toggles at the bottom of the Control Center. The Settings toggles are not impacted by the method. However, with CCToggles, it does work as mentioned.

If you have any other CC tweak installed, you might have a varying experience.

Thanks to jinsk8r for the tip and the theme.