How To Remove A Member From iOS 8 Family Sharing on iPhone/iPad

Family sharing is undoubtedly a unique feature with fresh ideas for the iOS ecosystem. With Family Sharing (in iOS 8), you can now share purchased apps/movies/music and other content with up to 6 people that are added to your family sharing account. You can read more about Family Sharing here.

What we’re dealing with here is removing a member from family sharing. It’s as easy as, say, adding a member. In fact, easier. Once you remove the member, that member can’t access shared purchases (until he/she’s added back again). It barely requires a few steps to remove any member of your family group.

How to Remove A Family Member from Family Sharing on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Open Settings.

Step #2. Tap on the iCloud.

iOS 8 iCloud Settings

Step #3. Tap on Family.

iCloud-Family Sharing Settings

Step #4. Tap on the family member you want to remove.

iCloud Family Members

Step #5. Tap on Remove.

Remove Member from Family Sharing iPhone iPad

That’s all!

You have removed the member you don’t want in your group. From now onwards, the removed member will no longer be able to access shared documents or shared purchases of apps/music/movies etc.

With family sharing, you have to remember that you can’t change a group more than twice in a year. You can see it as a big restriction but that is how it is. Family sharing is all about keeping a group of people united or stay connected 24/7 without any inconvenience.

Through this new feature of family sharing, Apple has tried to make sharing in a group to be more comfortable and easy. That’s why there is this limitation of only six members in a group.

Another limitation that always makes you look at this family sharing exactly the way you are treated in a family. You can’t use the same Apple ID with more than one family group at a time.

That’s it!

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