How to Remotely Wipe a Mac

Should your Mac get stolen or misplaced, Apple’s Find My iPhone feature tries to help you locate it and reclaim it. But there can be times when you have to protect the data first before trying to locate your Mac. A “remote wipe” becomes necessary when you want to protect the data from being misused in some way.

You can remotely wipe a Mac from But that’s assuming you’ve added enabled Find My Mac on your Mac. Once enabled, you can easily wipe data on your Mac remotely.

How to Remotely Wipe Mac

How to Remotely Wipe Mac

If you have not enabled this feature, here is how to do that

Step 1: Click on the “Apple” icon and then select System Preferences.

Step 2: To configure your iCloud settings, tap on the iCloud icon.

Step 3: Check Find My Mac from the iCloud preference window.

Step 4: A confirmation message will pop up. Click on Allow to enable the option.

How to Remotely Wipe Mac If It Is Stolen, Lost or Misplaced

Step 1: Launch the iCloud website in your browser

Step 2: Log into your account

Step 3: Tap on the Find My iPhone icon on your homepage. (If you are asked to type your password again, do so. Note that the password is rarely asked for again.)

Step 4: Click on All Devices option on the top of the screen.

Step 5: Select the device for which you want to perform this action.

Step 6: Click on Erase Mac

Step 7: In the next screen, you will see various options such as “Play Sound or Send Message,” “Remote Lock” or “Remote Wipe.” If needed, enter your Apple ID password. Select “Play Sound or Send Message” to send the hacker/thief/finder of your Mac a message having your number to call and return.

Remote Wipe Mac

Step 8: The second option “Remote Lock” will ask you to punch in the password, twice, so that only you can unlock it. Lastly, press “Remote Wipe” followed by confirming it, which allows you to remove all data on your Mac.

That’s all friends!

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How to Remotely Wipe Mac

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How to Remotely Wipe Mac
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