How to Remotely Disable Find My iPhone Using iCloud

How to Disable Find My iPhone Remotely

Find My iPhone is kind of an anti-theft locking system developed by Apple. This is a boon as well as a curse. In case you have forgotten your Passcode and you want to reset your iPhone using iTunes, you’ll need to disable Find My iPhone option from Settings.

When you don’t have access to your iPhone how are you going to disable it. There’s a workaround for that as well. You can remotely disable Find My iPhone using website. This method also proves to be helpful when you are selling or giving away your old iPhone to someone. We have given a step-by-step guide to explain the process, follow it for complete details.

How to Disable Find My iPhone Remotely

How to Disable Find My iPhone Remotely Using iCloud

Step #1. The device which you wish to disable should be turned OFF or at least not connected to Internet.

Step #2. Now on your Mac or any other desktop visit

Step #3. Simply sign-in with your Apple ID and Password.

Step #4. Once you are logged in, click on “Find iPhone” icon.

Click on Find iPhone in iCloud

Step #5. Now on the top of the page click on “All Devices“. From the drop down menu click on the device you wish to disable.

Click on All Devices in iCloud

Step #6. Now you will have two options: Remove iPhone from your account or Erase it. In order to remove it, simply place your cursor on the device from the drop-down list which can be revealed by clicking “All Devices” on top. You will see an “X” sign beside your device.

Remove iPhone from iCloud

Click on “X” to remove the device from the list. A pop-up will appear for confirmation, just click on “Remove“.

Click on Remove iPhone in iCloud

Step #7. In case you wish to erase the content from your iPhone, click on “Erase iPhone” at the right side of the screen.

Click on Erase iPhone in iCloud

Apart from the web based method, you can also do it from other iOS device. Just download and install Find My iPhone app on other iOS device and log in with your Apple ID and Password. Select the offline device and tap on either “Erase iPhone” or Remove. This will do the same job as we did with web based method.

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