How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card on Windows or Mac with iTunes 12

We covered on redeeming iTunes gift cards from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch but then, what if you’re on the desktop/laptop and would want to redeem the code given to you? Well, iTunes makes it ultra-simple to redeem gift codes/download codes on PC/Mac.

Redeem iTunes Gift Cards on the newest iTunes 12 is same as it was on iTunes 12. Hence, if you have already redeemed it before, you will get it done with much ease. This update has been aimed at making you know what the latest version of iTunes has in store for you.

The iTunes Gift cards can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Purchasing songs
  • Downloading albums
  • Purchasing movies and shows
  • Downloading applications
  • Downloading eBooks and other material

Now, if you were to redeem an iTunes gift card in iTunes 12 you’d follow these steps:

Step #1. Open iTunes on your PC/Mac

Step #2. Now click on iTunes Store in top right corner

Click on iTunes Store

Step #3. If you are not signed in already, click on Sign In on the top navigation and enter your Apple ID credentials to log-in

Step #4. Now click on “Redeem” below “QUICK LINKS” in right sidebar

Clcik on Redeem on iTunes

Step #5. Enter your gift card or download code and follow the instructions to redeem your iTunes gift card.

Enter Gift Card or Download Code

Here is how to use Mac’s built-in camera to redeem the gift codes directly from the cards.

Step #1. When you click on Redeem (on a Mac), you are given the option of using the camera (Use Camera).

Step #2. Click “Use Camera”

Step #3. Show the card to the camera and follow on-screen instructions

Step #4. Your code will be redeemed by iTunes automatically. (a little trial and error is needed)

In older iTunes, like iTunes 10, it’s simpler:

  • Open iTunes
  • From the sidebar, select iTunes Store
  • If you’re not signed in, Sign In
  • Under Quick Links, you’ll find Redeem. Click on it.
  • Enter the code and you’re done!

Redeeming an iTunes gift code gives you the ability to purchase songs, albums, games, apps etc. However, bear in mind that when you purchase something that’s over the value of the redeem code, your credit card will be billed for the excess amount. Apple won’t stop the purchase under such a circumstance: it will proceed to checkout and finish it.

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