Though there is no such thing as a free lunch in the world, people always love to get something free. And for an iPhone user, getting a promo code to download a paid app free is no less than a pleasure trip to Las Vegas. As a new iPhone user, you must be downloading many apps, some paid and some free. There are many app developers who offer promo codes to download app free on iPhone. To use this promo code, here is how to redeem promo code in iPhone.

How to Redeem App Store Promo Code on iPhone & iPad

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How to Redeem App Store Promo Code on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: Launch App Store on iPhone/iPad.Tap on App Store in iPhoneStep #2: Tap on Featured app.Tap on Featured Tab on App StoreStep #3: Now scroll down to bottom.

Step #4: You can see two options of Redeem and Send Gift.Redeem and Send Gift Card Option in App StoreStep #5: Tap on Redeem button.Tap Redeem Button in App Store on iPhoneStep #6: Enter your Apple ID password.

Enter Apple ID and Password to Download AppStep #7: Now type in the promo code to download the app.Redeem App Store Promo Code on iPhone and iPadFollow the above listed easy steps and redeem promo code to download an app free. If you are a developer, don’t forget to payback by offering some promo codes to other developer friends.

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There is another way you can redeem promo code on your iPhone. You can use the built-in camera on your iPhone to redeem the code.

Redeem App Store Promo Code in iPhone Camera

Please follow first six steps mentioned above. After entering your Apple ID Password, tap on Use Camera option.Redeem App Store Promo Code in iPhone CameraKeep your camera in front of the code on a gift card and the camera will scan the code automatically. Now, you can download the app.

Please note that you can download some free apps without entering your Apple ID password. Check our blog post to know how you can Download Free Apps without Password on iPhone or iPad.

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