Recently we wrote about how to share memos with others. But forgot the fact that to share a memo, one has to create a memo first. Well, better late than never. So here is how you can record a voice memo on your iPhone.

Before you record your voice memo, do you know why you should use this facility on your iPhone. This is not a third-party app; this app belongs to your iPhone – check Extras on your iPhone.

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How to Record and Voice Memo on iPhoneBasically voice memo app helps you record any voice, aside from recording your own voice. Some voices you love to hear again and again; your kid’s wishing you “happy birthday”; your spouse whispering “I love you” or it can be a wedding speech delivered by your friend on your D-Day. And some other voices have become “necessary evil” in your life; for example, your boss’s instructions to you for a new project, pleasantries exchanged with your colleagues during office meeting or important conversation with clients.

The point is that this recording system offers great help.

How to Record Voice Memo on Your iPhone

Step #1. Open Voice Memos app on your iPhone.Open Voice Memos App on iPhoneStep #2. There is a red button in round shape on the Record screen, Tap on it.Tap Red Button to Record Voice Memo on iPhoneStep #3. Start recording your voice (or you can record other voices around you.) Once the recording is over, tap on the same button (This will stop the recording process.)Stop Voice Memo Recording on iPhoneStep #4. Now tap on Done (next to red button.) A message will appear prompting you to Save Voice Memo.

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Step #5. Give a name to the file and tap on Save button.  Or you can delete the recording by tapping on Delete button.Save Voice Memo on iPhoneHow to Trim Voice Memo on iPhone

Like a movie director who cut certain scenes before the release of a movie, you may also wish to trip certain voices from your voice memo. With the Trim option, you can trim your voice memo on your iPhone.

Step #1. Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on a memo you want to trim from the list of memos.Open Voice Memo on iPhoneStep #3. Tap on Edit.Tap On Edit Voice Memo on iPhoneStep #4. Now tap on the Trim option (the crop icon.)Tap on Crop IconStep #5. Start trimming the memo by dragging the red needle.Trim Voice Memo on iPhoneStep #6. Then tap on the Trim icon. A menu will swipe up with three options: Trim Original, Save As New Recording and Cancel.Options to Save Trimmed Voice MemoStep #7. You can choose any of the three options. If you choose “Save As New Recording”, you need to change the name of your voice memo file.

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