While Ryan Petrich’s DisplayRecorder gets revamped for iOS7, RecordMyScreen seems to have been updated. The tweak is available on BigBoss.

RecordMyScreen is a simple tweak that lets you record your iPhone screen. It’s one of the most-used tweaks (besides the popular DisplayRecorder) by a lot of video bloggers who show video demos and other stuff like a tutorial. Of course, everyone can use the tweak to just record anything they do on the iPhone as a high-quality video.

RecordMyScreen depends on Activator gestures to trigger the recording process. This means you need Activator which is in beta at the moment. You can grab Activator beta from Ryan’s private repo.

Record the iPhone Screen in iOS 7 with RecordMyScreen Cydia Tweak

Here’s how to Record the iPhone Screen in iOS 7:

Getting Activator:

  • Open Cydia → Manage → Sources (or Cydia → Sources)
  • Tap on Edit. Then tap on Add.
  • Enter this url: http://rpetri.ch/repo/
  • Tap on Add Source
  • Let Cydia refresh packages. If it is required, Reboot/Respring
  • Now, head back to Cydia ->Manage → Sources (or Cydia → Sources)
  • Tap on the newly added repo (rpetri.ch)
  • Tap on Activator and install it.

Installing RecordMyScreen & Using it

Next step is easy. Search for “RecordMyScreen (Tweak)” in Cydia’s search function. Once you find the tweak with that name, install it. Respring.

To use the tweak, all you need to do is head over to Settings → RecordMyScreen → Activation Methods. Pick a method/gesture that does not conflict with other actions. For instance, triple-press home button might be a useful way to trigger the recording.

You can also configure other things like the Video size/orientation or the Audio qualityfrom here. There’s nothing much to configure other than these things.

All recorded videos get stored silently in /var/mobile/Documents.

Note that since Activator is still in beta, you might experience errors or bugs. It’s common. Hopefully, Ryan might release a full-fledged Activator version pretty soon. May be along with his DisplayRecorder.

Also, if you’re using an iPhone 5s or an iPad Air, this is not going to work till Mobile Substrate and Substrate Safe Mode get fixed for A7 devices. Along with the tweaks of course.

RecordMyScreen is free on the BigBoss. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Activator is free too on Ryan Petrich’s repo.

  • Rifan Chandra

    All recorded videos get stored silently in /var/mobile/Documents