Gone are the days when you had to spend money on software, time and struggle to record your iPhone, iPad or iPod's screen. With iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, you can easily record video screenshot of your iPhone/iPad. Just connect, select and start the screenshot recording on your Mac!

Here is yet another cool method to record your iPhone/iPad screen.

How to Record iPhone and iPad Screen on Mac

Earlier, you had to rely on software to record iPhone's screen. These software exist even today but they are either costly or third party software which you have to install on your Mac. And a few of them require you to jailbreak your iPhone. Some examples: Screen Flow, Camtasia Studio, iShowU, Display Recorder (the Cydia tweak.)

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Apple has added a new feature in Quick Time (the default Media Player on Mac) which enables you to record screencasts of your Mac as well as of your iPhone or iPad. But it requires the latest version OS – iOS 8 on your iPhone and OS X Yosemite on Mac.

How to Record iPhone/iPad Screen on Mac Easily

#1. Launch QuickTime on your Mac (you can do this by opening the Spotlight and then searching for QuickTime)

#2. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac.

#3. Click on File from the QuickTime menu bar (top-left.)

#4. Next, click on New Movie Recording.

New Movie Recording on iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

#5. You should see record-screen controls now with a red record button.

#6. Then click on the arrow button next to recording button and go to drop down list and click on “Maximum.

Recording on iPhone 6 or 6 Plus on Mac

#7. Click on the down-arrow next to the red record button. This opens up some options.

#8. Select your iPhone/iPad from the drop-down list.

Select your iPhone and iPad to Record Screen

#9. Selecting the option your device which you select will appear on the Mac screen.

#10. Click on the record button.

#11. Do anything on the iPhone/iPad and it will be recorded on your Mac.

Record iPhone and iPad Screen on Mac Yosemite

#12. Once you are done recording, click on the stop icon (an encircled square) on the top-right of the screen (in the task bar.)

#13. Save the file and you are done.

Following these simple steps you can record your iOS Device screen shot you wish to do!!!

Note: Step #8 is important. If you don't select your iPhone / iPad from the drop-down, QuickTime will record your Mac's screen instead of your iDevice's screen. Make sure you select your device from the drop-down.

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