How to Record Your iPhone Calls on Mac

Recently, we have dealt with a topic on how to record phone calls on iPhone. However, it was by using two wonderful apps on iPhone. Here it’s a different story. The current topic deals with recording phone calls on Mac.

If you receive or make a call on or from your iPhone, you can record the particular call on your Mac. Confused? Let me demystify this conundrum. There are many call recorder apps on AppStore; but you can always record your iPhone phone calls on Mac to save some space on your phone.

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Before you start following the method, download Call Recorder on your Mac. You can go for the 7-day free trial of this software. Call Recorder supports OS X Mountain Lion or the later released versions, and iOS 8 on your iPhone; with everything in place, you can record your iPhone phone calls on your Mac.

Hold on! Still you need to set up Handoff/Phone Relay on both devices – your iPhone and Mac.

How To Record iPhone Phone Calls on Your Mac

Step #1. Unzip the downloaded Call Recorder file.

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Step #2. Select the file name “Install Call Recorder for FaceTime” and double click on it.

Click on Install Call Recorder for Facetime Demo

A pop up will appear asking “Install Call Recorder for FaceTime Demo” is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?

Install Call Recorder App Pop upStep #3. Click on Open.

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A window will pop up with instruction: Welcome to the Call Recorder for FaceTime installer.

Step #4. Click on Install button.

Install Call Recorder for FaceTime on Mac

Step #5. Accept the license agreement and enter your Mac password.

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Step #6. Post installation another pop up will appear asking “Do you want the application “” to accept incoming network connections?” Click  on Allow.

Allow Call Recorder App to Access Incoming Calls on Mac

Step #7. Sign in your iPhone and Mac with the same iCloud account.

Step #8. Tap on Bluetooth on both devices and ensure that you are using same Wi-Fi on both devices.

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Step #9. Now open FaceTime app on your Mac (you might be prompted to configure settings: Call Recorder for FaceTime Settings).

The window shows four main options: Record Calls Automatically, Create Separate Audio Tracks, Video Frame Size and Save Recordings To.

Call Recorder Mac App Settings

You can check the box of Record Calls Automatically; also set the Video Frame Size and select the location to Save Recordings To.

Now you can make calls using contact list with FaceTime app; you can also record incoming calls. If you have not enabled Record Calls Automatically option, you can click the red record button to start recording your calls. When you want to stop the recording, just click the stop button.

Your recordings will be saved in the folder you have selected next to “Save Recordings To” option.

Price: 7 Days free trial thereafter $29.95
Download Call Recorder for FaceTime

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