Recording iPhone screen on Mac has become an old story which very few would like to buy. Though you can record iPhone screen with the help of jailbreak tweaks, you will have to jailbreak your device. Is there any way you can escape both these methods and record your iPhone and iPad screen instantly?

I have craved for an easy solution to record my iPhone screen for a long time. But unfortunately, my long wish hadn’t yet been fulfilled until I came across Shou app-the iPhone and iPad screen recorder.

How to Record iPhone And iPad Screen Without JailbreakShou is an excellent iPhone screen recorder app. It’s capable of recording your iPhone’s screen without the help of computer. All you have to do to get started with it is install it on your device and you are ready to capture your iPhone’s screen quickly.

As Shou app is not available in the App Store, you will need to download and install it on your device with other way around. This app is compatible with both iOS 7 and 8. Here is the rundown as to how you can record iPhone and iPad’s screen effortlessly. Let’s have a glance!

How to Record iPhone and iPad Screen Without Jailbreak Using Shou

Step #1. Open in Safari on iPhone or iPad.

Step #2. Download and install Emu4ios Store (Beta) on your device. You can download apps which are not there in iOS App Store from Emu4ios Store.

Open in Safari on iPhone

Step #3. Once you have successfully installed Emu4ios Store on your iPhone, launch this app.

Tap on Emu4iOS Store on iPhone

Step #4. Next up, find the Shou app and install it for free.

Locate Shou in Emu4iOS Store on iPhone

Step #5. Launch Shou app. You will need to sign up for this. You can use your Facebook account to sign up instantly.

Shou iPhone App Login Options

Step #6. Tap Start Recording button to go with the process of recording the screen.

Record iPhone and iPad Screen with Shou

This app provides you options to change Format, Orientation, Resolution and Birate. To do so, tap on the tiny “i” next to the Start Recording and choose your preferred option before going to record your iPhone’s screen.

Recording Options in Shou iPhone App

Step #7. Now, come out of Shou app and record your iPhone’s screen. The top of your device is turned red while recording.

Recording iPhone Screen with Shou

(You might need to enable Assistive Touch in order to record full-screen videos. Launch Settings app → tap on General  → tap on Accessibility → scroll down and tap on Assistive Touch and toggle it on. Even when we disabled Assistive Touch on our iPad, this app allowed us to record full screen video. But, iPhone 6 didn’t record full screen video even when we enabled it.)

If you to want to stop recording, either tap on the red banner on top of your device or go to Shou app and then tap on the recording button.

Stop Recording in Shou App

View Recorded Videos: If you want to view the recording, tap on Recordings from the bottom. You should see your recordings with the date and time. Tap on the round circle colorful icon with S written inside.

iPhone Screen Recording History

Options: When you tap on the icon to play the recording, a popup appears on the screen. The popup has four options:

View Recorded Videos in Shou iPhone App

  • Play: To let you play the recording.
  • Open In: To allow you to open the recording in your favorite app.
  • Save To Camera Roll: To let you save the recording in the Camera Roll.
  • Delete: To remove the recording.

You can choose any option based on your need.

That’s it!

Watch Out This Video to Know How to Record Screen of iPhone or iPad Without Jailbreaking:

We have found Shou really impressive purely in terms of its functionality. What do you think of it?

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