How to Receive Fake Calls on iPhone to Get Rid of Unpleasant Situations

When you find yourself in the middle of something unavoidable, you wish somebody just give you a call so that you can run away from that trap. Nobody but you can help yourself by using apps that make fake calls. Yes, you heard that right. You can now receive false calls on your iPhone and escape the gas chamber.

Every phone user would hate false calls. But sometimes fake calls are blessings in disguise. Floored? How can those false calls be blessings? Imagine this: you are trapped in a boring party or a get-together, and you are looking for a reason to escape. And all of a sudden your phone rings up. Even if it is a fake call, you will drift away immediately to avoid that trap. That call proves savior and you wish you could receive such calls on your iPhone anytime you want to escape such a mess.

But how to receive fake calls on your iPhone at your convenient time? Thankfully, some apps can come to your rescue. By using Fake Call and Fake Call Plus, you can receive such calls on your iPhone to get rid of an unpleasant situation.

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How to Receive Fake Incoming Calls on iPhone using “Fake Call” App

First, we will use Fake Call on the iPhone to test its features and efficiency.

Step #1. Download Fake Call on your iPhone.

Download and Install Fake Call App on iPhone

Step #2. Open the app and it will start explaining to you how the app works. Along with the explanatory run-up, the app will also ask your permission to access your phone contacts and to send notifications.

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Open FakeCall on iPhone and Allow to Access Your Contacts and Send Notifications

You just keep tapping OK and Allow buttons on your device.

Once the app is set up, it is time to receive fake calls on your iPhone.

Step #3. For this purpose, tap on Favorites from the bottom menu.

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Tap on Favorites in iPhone FakeCall App

Step #4. Select the Timer and then set the time; you can choose from one second to 24 hours.

Select the Timer and then set the time in iPhone FakeCall App

You can also use the Date tab in case you want to get false calls on a particular day and time.

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Tap on Date tab, Set particular day and time in iPhone FakeCall App

Step #5. Then tap on the Search button above or enter a mobile number directly in the Phone field.

When you tap on Search, you will be landed on the Contacts screen from where you can select any one contact.

Tap on Search and Choose any one Contact in iPhone FakeCall App

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Finally, tap on the Save button from the upper right corner.

Tap on Save in iPhone FakeCall App

That’s it!

The app will send a notification on the time you have set. Once you receive the notification, tap on it and you will receive a phone call on your iPhone.

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Receive False Calls on iPhone Using FakeCall App

Point to Ponder

Everything looks neat and clean here. But there are some points to ponder before you use this app.

  • Fake Call app rings your iPhone only when the device is unlocked and you have to be on the app interface. In case your iPhone is locked or you are using other apps, the app simply sends a notification either on your phone or paired Apple Watch. Next, you have to tap on the notification to receive fake calls.
  • If you fail to tap on notification badge, you won’t receive those bogus phone calls. Sometimes, the app doesn’t play ring as you may have locked the phone screen accidentally.
  • The in-app advertisement is one of the dislikes for many users. Since the app is free, everyone has to face this menace of ads.
  • From the bottom menu, you can change ringtone, toggle Vibrate and Listening on the phone options.

How to Make a Fake Call on iPhone Fake Call Plus App

Fake Call Plus is relatively easy to use in comparison with Fake Call iPhone app. From a single interface, you can manage this app to get false calls on your iPhone.

Step #1. Download and install Fake Call Plus on your iPhone.

Download and Install Fake Call Plus App on your iPhone

Step #2. Open the app and then tap on Time to set a timer; here, you have options to select from three seconds to one hour.

This means you can receive false calls three seconds later or one hour later. In between, there are other options to set the timer.

Tap on Time and Select the Timer in iPhone Fake Call Plus App

Step #3. Next, tap on the Caller. This app provides you with some pre-installed names like Mr. Smith, Robert, Thomas, etc. Moreover, you can also pick up Mum, Dad, Boss as a Caller.

Tap on Caller and Select the Fake Caller Name in iPhone Fake Call Plus App

Alternatively, you can enter any name in the field “Enter the caller’s name.” For example, you can type Wife, Husband, Girlfriend, etc.

Edit Fake Caller Name in iPhone Fake Call Plus App

To set your profile pic, tap on “+” icon in a green button. Note that you cannot change this profile picture frequently as this feature is for VIP users.

Add Fake Caller Profile Photo in iPhone Fake Call Plus App

Step #4. After setting up a profile photo and selecting the caller, it’s time to select ringtone & vibration.

Tap on Rington and Vibration Option in iPhone Fake Call Plus App

Simply toggle on/off the options: Ringtone and Vibration. Below the two options, you have several ringtones to choose from.

Turn ON the Switch Next to Rington and Vibration and Select the Rington in iPhone Fake Call Plus App
Note: Import and Record features are exclusive to VIP users of this app.

Step #5. Next, Tap on Voice. There are four options: None and three voices.

Select any one Voice. In case you choose one of the voices, you will hear one of the voices when you pick up that false call on your iPhone.

Tap on Voice Option and Select the any one Voice in iPhone Fake Call Plus App

Step #6. Next, tap on Wallpaper. Here’s you can either “Return Real Desktop” or use fake desktop wallpaper. However, there will be more ads if you use fake desktop wallpapers.

Tap on Wallpaper Option in iPhone Fake Call Plus App

To Return Real Desktop, you can turn ON the switch.

Turn ON switch next to Return Real Desktop in iPhone Fake Call Plus App

When everything is in place, you can hit ‘Start Call’ button to get fake calls on your iPhone.

Receive Fake Calls Using iPhone Fake Call Plus App

Point to Ponder

  • One of the drawbacks of this app is you cannot lock your phone or cannot touch the home button. If in case your phone is locked or you touch the home button, you won’t receive any fake call you have set up earlier. This means you have to set up auto-lock time at Never from Settings → Display & Brightness → Auto-Lock → Never.
  • Moreover, once you set up the fake call, you need to be on the app setting and cannot use other apps.

That’s all friends!

Signing off…

There are some limitations of the two apps listed above. You can use them with your discretion to get the best results to receive false calls. The latter offers VIP access and this can make some difference for you.

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