How to Reboot Your iPhone 7/7 Plus: Method is Bit Different Than Earlier iPhones

The method of rebooting iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is completely new thanks largely to the introduction of pressure-sensitive Home button. Check out!


Even though the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus don’t have a whole new design to flaunt, it does have enough to stand out. The one feature that has made a lot of buzzes is the press-sensitive Home button. Now, you no longer have to click the Home button to get the job done. Just place your finger on it and you are done!

As we are too accustomed to the iconic Home button on the iPhone or iPad to easily get along with something new.

With the touch-sensitive Home button arriving on the latest iPhone, you will have to learn the new technique of rebooting your smartphone. And, I don’t think I need to explain you the need to reset (forced reboot) your device once in a while.

Let’s find out how it works!

How to Force Reboot Your iPhone 7/7 Plus

Step #1. First up, you have to press and hold down the On/Off button located on the right side of your iPhone.

Step #2. While holding the On/Off button, you need to press and hold the volume down button located on the left side of your iPhone.

Reboot iPhone 7-7 Plus

Step #3. Make sure to keep holding both buttons as the screen turns off and then turns back on and shows the Apple logo.

How to Restart Your iPhone (iPad as well) without Pressing Buttons

You can quickly restart your iPhone and iPad even without pressing buttons. Though you could get it done before through some roundabout ways, now it’s become more straightforward. Check out this guide to get it done.

Wrap up

Though the pressure-sensitive Home button on iPhone 7 functions properly, at times it does go for a toss—especially when the weather is too cold. In spite of this little inconvenience, I’m pretty satisfied with this capacitive touch Home button on my iPhone. What about you? Do share your feedback with us in the comments below.

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That’s it!

Is it easier than before or has it become a bit difficult? I leave you to decide the verdict.

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