How to Rearrange or Remove Stock Menu Bar Icons on Mac OS X

Menu Bar is placed at the top of the screen on your Mac. You can check status, choose commands and more significantly, execute your task quickly with the use of icons and menus. Menu bar features the menus of all the apps on the left end side of the bar.

Status Menus, which is on the right side of the menu bar, contains icons from both stock OS X system features such as, Sound, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and third-party apps.

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If not arranged smartly, menu bar icons can cut a sorry figure with the awkward look. What about rearranging or removing stock menu bar icons on your Mac? While it’s much easier to rearrange or remove stock menu bar icons, it’s a bit tricky to do the same with the third-party apps. Head over to check out how you can give a better look to menu bar by arranging stock icons as desired.

You can add or remove any menu bar icons from System Preferences depending on your need. Supposing you want to add or remove Bluetooth icon, let’s get to know how you can do it.

How to Remove Stock Menu Bar Icons on Mac OS X

Step #1. Click on  Icon from the top left menu bar.

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Step #2. Select System Preferences.

Click on Syestem Preference in Mac OS X

Step #3. Click on Bluetooth.

Select Bluetooth From System Preferences on Mac

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Step #4. Click the check box which is next to Show Bluetooth in the menu bar.

Remove Stock Menu Bar Icons on Mac OS X

That’s all! You can repeat these steps to add or remove other stock icons as well if you wish.

How to Rearrange Stock Menu Bar Icons on Mac OS X

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If you want to rearrange or remove status menu icons quickly through keyboard shortcuts, here is how you can get it done with ease.

If you want to rearrange stock icons, simply hold down the Command () key (use Windows key in case of Windows keyboard) while dragging the icon at the desired place.

If you want to remove any stock icon, just hold down the Command (⌘) key (use Windows key in case of Windows keyboard) while dragging the icon out of the menu bar.

That’s it! You can repeat these steps to add/remove more icons.

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  1. Holding down the Command (⌘) key while dragging the icon at the desired place no longer works in El Capitan. Is there any other way to accomplish this task?


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