How to Rearrange or Remove Glances on Apple Watch

Glances allow you to have quick access to basic information about stock apps and third-party apps you have installed on Apple Watch. With the help of this information, you can manage Glances on your smartwatch.

Glances allow you to view quickly valuable information about some stock apps available on your Apple Watch. You can gain access to 10 stock apps via Glances: Settings, Now Playing, Heartbeat, Battery, Weather, Maps, Activity, Stocks, World Clock, and Calendar.

Here, you should note that third-party apps also fall under the Glances provided they offer this facility. You can set as many as 20 glances at one time. Also, note that you can enjoy this service of Glances on Apple Watch only and not on the connected iPhone.

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How to Remove or Rearrange Glances on Apple WatchHow to Manage Glances on Apple Watch

The importance of Glances is solely decided on how frequently you need to use the particular app on your Apple Watch. For example, if you are a music lover, Music app is essential for you; if you have to travel a lot, Weather app is more valuable than other apps as you have to check the weather of destination you want to reach. Thus, you can rearrange or reorder Glances based on the necessity of the apps.

How to Rearrange Glances on Apple Watch

For rearrangement of Glances on Apple Watch, you need to follow the steps on the connected iPhone.

Step #1. Open Watch app on your iPhone → Tap on My Watch option.

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Tap on My Watch in Apple Watch App on iPhone

Step #2. Now tap on Glances.

Tap on Glances in Apple Watch App on iPhone

Once you are on the Glances screen, you will see Edit button on the top right corner.

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Step #3. Tap on Edit.

Tap Edit in Glances in Apple Watch App on iPhone

This will show you Hamburger button on the right side of each Glance.

Step #4. Now you can easily reorder the app you frequently use by holding the Hamburger button and dragging it up or down.

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How to Rearrange Glances on Apple Watch

Now, let’s explore how you can remove or delete some Glances from your Apple Watch. Note that you can remove Stock app Glance from the list; however, this will not delete the app from your smartwatch.

How to Remove Apps from Glances on Apple Watch

Follow the first three steps as mentioned above.

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Step #4. After tapping the Edit button, you will see Hamburger button next to each app in the list.

Step #5. Now hold down the Hamburger button for a few seconds.

You will see DO NOT INCLUDE option at the end of the app list.

Step #6. On this, drag and drop the app on this DO NOT INCLUDE option.

How to Remove Glances from Apple Watch

Step #7. Tap on Done from top right corner.

Remove Glances from Apple Watch


Step #4. After tapping Edit button, you will see Red (-) icon, tap on it → Tap on Remove.

How to Delete Glances from Apple Watch

Step #5. Tap on Done from top right corner.

Tap on Done in Glances in Apple Watch App on iPhone

If you wish to include the app in Glances, later on, you can follow a similar method as mentioned above.

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