How to Read Emails on Apple Watch While You Are On the Go

Reading your emails on your Apple Watch provides you much comfort in the middle of your hectic schedules. While you are working tirelessly on something, it is difficult to go to your desk and check emails on a laptop or on iPhone. Though you may not send an email via Apple Watch, you can always check your important emails.

This post is written for those who maintain a tight schedule in the office from Monday to Friday. Just take a look and get to know how you can read emails on your Apple Watch.

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How to Read Email on Apple Watch

Before We Start

Before you could read your emails on your Apple Watch, you need to set notifications for emails so that you can read the content of emails as you receive them.

How to Set Notifications for Emails on Apple Watch

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Step #1. Launch Apple Watch on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on the My Watch.

Step #3. Tap on Notifications.

Step #4. Now Tap on Mail.

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Step #5. Tap Mirror iPhone to use the same notification settings as on your iPhone.

Step #6. Tap Custom to set additional options.

Step #7. Tap an Inbox that you want to enable.

Step #8. Toggle Show Alerts to ON.

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Step #9. Toggle Sound and/or Haptics on to choose between audio or physical notifications, or both.

Step #10. Repeat above steps for each inbox.

Before you could reach to your emails, you need to set Mail options on your Apple Watch. All your recent emails are stored in the Mail app on Apple Watch; you can configure the Mail app settings to match with your iPhone settings, or you can tailor it for your Apple Watch only.

How to Set Mail options on your Apple Watch for iPhone

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Step #1. Launch Apple Watch on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on My Watch tab.

Step #3. Tap on Mail.

Step #4. Tap on Mirror iPhone to customize the same mail settings as there are on iPhone. Tap Custom to set up additional options.

Step #5. Tap Include Mail to select between All Inboxes or just a single sub mailbox.

Step #6. Tap on Message Preview; now select either of three: None, 1 Line or 2 Lines.

Step #7. Tap on Flag Style to select between color and shape.

Step #8. Toggle Ask Before Deleting to ON if you want to confirm before any emails are deleted.

Step #9. Toggle Organize by Thread to group all emails from the same conversation together.

Finally, you are now able to check your mails in read-only status. A step further, you can mark your mails as Unread, Flat and Trash.

How to Read Emails on Apple Watch

Step #1: If you are not on the home screen of your Apple Watch, tap on the Digital Crown.

Step #2: Tap on Mail app icon.

Step #3: Tap on any email message to open it.

Step #4: You can see options by pressing firmly on an open email message.

Step #5: Tap on Flag, Unread, or Trash.

Since Apple Watch provides read-only option for emails, you can use Handoff feature to give reply to the mail using your iPhone or Mac.

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