How to Re-download Purchased Apps on iPhone and iPad from App Store and iTunes

If you are like the vast majority of iPhone or iPad users, it is very likely that you would have purchased and used a lot of apps on your device. While the availability of so many useful apps in the Apple universe is a huge boon, it can also, over time, clutter your iPhone or iPad. In such cases you may find yourself wishing to delete some of the lesser used apps, but not actually going ahead with this step in fear of losing your paid apps. Well, fear not as there is a very easy way to re-download your purchased apps.

Once you know this simple method of restoring your paid apps, you can easily do a spring cleaning on your device without a hint of worry. The magic lies with iTunes in the Cloud, part of iCloud, which enables you to re-download any or all of the already purchased apps with not having to pay again.

How to Re-download Purchased Apps on iPhone and iPad
How to Get Back Deleted Apps Previously Purchased on Your iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Tap on App Store Icon on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap on Apple Store on iPhone
Step #2. Tap on the “Updates tab” present in the right end of the bottom navigation.
Tap on Updates Tab on iPhone
Step #3. Tap on “Purchased” tab at the top to view a list of all your purchased apps.

View Purcahsed App on iPhone

Step #4. In case you have “Family Sharing” enabled, Tap on the person’s name who bought the app.

Tap on Family Member's Name Who Purchased App

Step #5. In case of Family Sharing not being enabled, Tap on the “Not on This iPhone” on the right to leave out the already installed apps.

Tap on Not on This iPhone

Step #6. Tap “cloud” icon present to the right of any app’s name to re-download it free of cost.

Tap on Cloud Icon To Redownload Deleted App on iPhone

Step #7. If you recall the specific app’s name that you wish to retrieve, pull down on the list of apps to uncover a search field. Here you can put in the app’s name to locate it immediately.

Search Purchased App to Redownload on iPhone

Step #8. You can similarly reiterate the above steps each time you wish to get back any of the previously purchased apps.

How to Re-download Purchased Apps from App Store on iPad:

It’s quite easy to restore previously purchased apps on iPad. You just need to follow below four simple steps.

Step #1: Launch App Store on your iPad.

Step #2: Tap on Purchased button from the bottom of the screen.

Step #3: Tap on Not on This iPad.

Step #4: Tap on Cloud icon next to app that you want to re-install and you are done.

How to Re-download Deleted Apps from App Store on iPad

How to Restore Previously Downloaded or Purchased Apps from iTunes

You can also re-download previously purchased apps from iTunes by following below simple steps.

Step #1: Connect your iPhone or iPad with your Mac or Windows and iTunes will be launched automatically. Open iTunes manually if auto sync is disable.

Step #2: Click on device and then click on the Apps from left sidebar.

Select Device to Restore Deleted Apps from iTunes

Step #3: If you want to re-install all the apps, check mark “Automatically install new apps.”

How to Restore Deleted Apps from iTunes

Step #4: If you want to install any specific app, find out the app from the Apps list and click on Install button.

Re-Download Particular Deleted App from iTunesOn Apple TV (4th Generation)

Step #1. Select App Store from the Home screen.

Step #2. Select Purchased.

Step #3. Search for the app you want to redownload.

Step #4. Choose the Download icon.

The app will download on your device.

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