How to Close Apps on Apple Watch in watchOS 5 or Earlier

Quitting apps on your Apple Watch can improve the overall performance of your smartwatch and stops draining the battery. Whether you are wearing the latest Apple Watch Series 4 or previous models, there is a simple way to quit apps on it.

Apple Watch Series 4 is now on your wrist, and you enjoy using the best smartwatch in the world. While using apps on your Watch Series 4, a question may arise in your mind: how to close apps on Apple Watch? It is super easy.

Like apps in your iPhone, they are active in the background on your Apple Watch. You can kill these background running apps by following a simple method given below.

How to Quit Apps on Apple Watch Running watchOS 5

Step #1. Click the digital crown to wake your Apple Watch screen → Next, click the side button on your watch.

View Running Apps on Apple Watch

Step #2. This will open up all the apps running in the background on your Apple Watch.

Step #3. Here, you need to gently swipe the app card to the left of your watch screen.

View Background Apps on Apple Watch

Step #4. You can see a remove icon (X) in the red boxTap on that remove button to quit the app on your Apple Watch.

Close All Apps on Apple Watch

Close all the apps one after another on your watch.

Video: How to Close Apps on Apple Watch

That’s all friends!

Isn’t it quite easy to get rid of background running apps on your Apple Watch Series 4?

Signing off…

Apps running in the background can eat your watch’s battery, and therefore, you can quit apps at the end of the day to save battery life on Apple Watch. Remember, the above method doesn’t force quit apps as it takes a different process to force quit apps on your Apple Watch.

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