Well, thus begins the Cydia tweak journey. Thanks to Evasi0n7, we can now begin using tweaks crafted for iOS 7. The first one is an amazing, highly-useful tweak which lets you close all apps at once from the multitask switcher.

SwitchSpring is a Cydia tweak that will quit all apps at once or help you respring the homescreen from the multitask switcher. Here’s more about the tweak and how it works.

SwitchSpring is probably the first of the most-useful iOS 7 Cydia tweaks. What we missed in iOS 6 was the ability to close all background apps at once. One tap and all apps should disappear. Although the feature was blatantly missing, tweaks like KillAllBackground made it easy to kill all background apps at once.

How to Quit All Apps At Once in iOS 7 with SwitchSpring Cydia Tweak

In iOS 7, things changed. The multitask switcher has a whole new design/interface. But still, you can only close three apps at once and not all apps simultaneously. This is a serious limitation for a lot of us because it’s easier to kill all apps at once.

Hashbang Productions got behind this feature right away and SwitchSpring is the end-result. The tweak installs and works silently in the background. No settings to configure, nothing to tweak or change. It just works.

How To Close All Apps At Once in iOS 7 [iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch]

  • Install SwitchSpring: Go to Cydia → Search for SwitchSpring and install it. You will have to respring the dashboard.
  • Double press the home button to reveal the multitask switcher.
  • Swipe up the card that shows the homescreen. (this is the first card on the switcher). Note that you have to swipe up only this card. If you swipe any other card, that particular app will be closed.
  • When you swipe up, a dialog box like the one shown below shows up.

How To Close All Apps At Once in iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

  • Tap on “Quit Apps” to close all apps running in the background.

That’s it. But there’s more to SwitchSpring than closing all apps. SwitchSpring also lets you restart the springboard from the same screen. In the dialog box, there’s an option to “Restart” – which restarts the springboard.

Isn’t that cool? SwitchSpring is a free tweak available for download from BigBoss.

  • slide2kill 8 lite [ios 8.x] is great too, so easy to use! ;)

  • אופק

    None of these tweaks are working for me, I have a perfectly working iPhone 4S jailbroken with evasion. Help!!

    • Please try rejailbreaking your iPhone again.

  • Agittan Avi

    Doesnt work on ipad mini

    • Try re-installing Mobile Substrate and then using the tweak. There are some issues at the moment with Mobile Substrate.