How to Quickly Capitalize Letters in Words on iOS 8 Using QuickType

QuickType in iOS 8 lets you type faster than ever before with the help of predictive feature. But do you know how to capitalize all letters or the first letter of a word without resorting to the same lengthy method you adopt now? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

What if you have forgotten to capitalize the first letter or all letters of a word a number of times while typing in QuickType, won’t you find it too time-consuming to rectify all the errors? That’s why this particular feature in iOS 8 is kind of very exciting and in some situations, very useful.

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While typing in QuickType, I had to spend quite a lot of time capitalizing letters of a word. It was really too annoying for me. However, I just discovered a very interesting solution to it.

How to Quickly Capitalize Words On iPhone/iPad Running iOS 8

Step #1. Tap and hold on a word.

Step #2. Tap on Select from the contextual menu.

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Tap on Select from the contextual menu on iPhone in iOS 8

Step #3. Tap on Shift Button once.

Predictive text will show you the word with the first letter capitalized.

Tap on Shift Button onceOR

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Step #3. Tap on the Shift button twice and the QuickType input will show you the word with all letters capitalized.

Tap on the Shift button twice

Step #4. Tap on the word from the predictive/QuickType field to have the word capitalized according to your preference.

That’s done! It is indeed so simple. Hopefully, now you won’t have to go about capitalizing letters and words in the old way (which is painstakingly lengthy).

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QuickType in iOS 8 is more exciting than ever. With the third-party keyboard, the predictive feature and the ability to type just by swiping on the keyboard are certainly in vogue now.

The iOS users had been desperately awaiting this upgrade from the Cupertino giant for a long time. Though the concept has already been in use in the Android application, no one can deny that Apple has brought an altogether new dimension to it.

That’s it!

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