How to Protect Your Tweets on iPhone

Whenever I come across something cool or wish to express myself, I never fail to tweet. Putting forward my views onto such a popular social site, which is followed by millions of people from around the world, is special. And when my tweets get re-tweeted or favorited by friends or people in general, it offers me plenty of joy.

At times, protecting my tweets do cross my mind if I don’t want everyone else to see or re-tweet what I express. Of course, you may argue that why we need to protect tweets in the first place. But again, it thoroughly depends on how you look at your tweets and most importantly whether you wish your views to remain private or be available for general public.

How to Protect Twitter Tweets on iPhone

Fortunately, Twitter allows you to safeguard your tweets in order to offer you the complete freedom of making your tweets private or public. By default, the option to keep your tweets private is disabled in this social app. Once you have enabled this option, only your followers or the people you permit will be able to see your tweets.

How to Protect Tweets in Tweeter on iPhone

Step #1. Launch Twitter on your iPhone → Tap on Me from the bottom right corner.

Tap on Your Twitter Profile on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on the Settings icon.

Tap Settings Icon in Twitter on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on your profile name.

Tap on Settings in iPhone Twitter AppTap on Your Profile Name in Twitter

Step #4. Next, turn on Protect my Tweets.

Protect Twitter Tweets on iPhone

That’s it! Henceforth, only your followers and the people you allow can see your tweets.

At any time, if you want your tweets to be viewed by everybody else, repeat these steps and disable the option Protect my Tweets.

Privacy and security are the two biggest components of iOS 9. Apple has emphasized on providing more security to your data than just bringing groundbreaking features to the upcoming version of iOS. As an individual, you would like to have the ultimate freedom to keep your privacy in your own terms.

What’s your view on keeping tweets private? Do let us know in the comment below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.