How to Secure Your Disney Plus Account When Hackers on The Loose​

How to Protect Disney Plus Account From Hackers

In just days after its launch, the much-coveted Disney+ has already landed in trouble. Thousands of Disney Plus accounts have been hacked and sold in the opening week itself. So, if you are amongst the early subscribers, here’s how you can protect your Disney Plus account from any external menace.

Released on the 12th of November, Disney+ shook the internet by surpassing 10 million subscribers on the first day itself. However, this initial enthusiasm of consumers is mired in a reported breach of the subscription service. As per ZDNet, hackers are selling a bundle of Disney Plus accounts on hacking forums for prices between $3 to $11.

Why You Need Protection For Your Disney Plus Account

Many users are enjoying the privilege of being the first subscribers of Disney’s newly launched subscription service. However, they might be unaware that their account information could be on sale on the dark web. ZDNet claims that hackers are logging original users out of their devices.

After changing the email and password, the account is listed for sale. So, maybe the subscription you bought is being transferred to someone else. And this is not just about the loss of money or account; it is also a major privacy breach. Someone can later use those card details to harm you further.

How to Protect Disney Plus Account From Hackers

Though Disney has not acknowledged any such breach as of now, precaution is always considered better than a cure. Pretty new in the ball-game, the streaming platform does not employ a two-factor authentication until now.

While that might be in the pipeline, here are some ways you can prevent Disney+ account from hacking:-

  • As a general rule, try not to share your login info over email
  • Keep an eye out for Disney error code 86 (this means your account is being blocked due to suspicious activity)
  • Check and report if an unauthorized profile shows up in your account
  • Ensure that your password is rated with robust security strength
  • Do not keep the same password for every subscription service
  • Check and report if you receive a password change request not generated by you
  • Try and change your password periodically

Quick Access:

How to Change Disney+ Account Password

In most scenarios, hackers employ a basic code-breaking application to gain access to the user’s account. The application runs a list of common password combinations to find a fit. If a match is found, your account is at their disposal. It is thus advisable to reset your Disney Plus account password with a totally unique and strong one.

A unique password with a string of numbers, characters, and symbols is hard to comprehend by the  ‘cracking’ tools. Invariably, the hacker will move on to the next account, leaving yours safe, sound, and in your control.

Step #1. Log in to your Disney+ account on the website in any browser.

Step #2. Click on Profile tab and select Account from the menu.

Step #3. Select Change Password and input the Current Password.

Step #4. Enter the New Password and Save the changes.

In case you hate remembering multiple passwords, the Passwords Keeper & Safe Vault could be of great help. Thanks to such apps, you can ensure that each subscription service, social media account, and mail accounts can have different and unique passwords.

How to Change Disney Plus Account Email

For the ease of it, most users use their default or primary ID to access various online services. However, this simplifies the hacker’s job as well. Any hacker will assume that email address on their list, is your default address. But if it’s not, you can simply reduce or circumvent the risk of a breach.

Step #1. Log in to your Disney+ account on the website in any browser.

Step #2. Click on Profile to select Account from the menu.

Step #3. Select Change Email.

Step #4. Enter the New Email and your Password.

Step #5. Save the changes.

If you don’t want to use an alternate or an alias email ID, then there’s a trick as well. A smart way to cover up your track is to add ‘+’ and some random word to your email ID. For instance, instead of [email protected], use [email protected]

If your email client supports the feature, you will continue to receive the mail on the current email address as well. Make sure you test for support before you employ this hack anywhere.

What To Do if Disney+ Account Gets Hacked

Disney+ is still finding its footing in terms of the privacy and security features it provides. The platform does not log the devices you’re signed in or the content you have watched. Recognizing a breach is a bit difficult until you spot an unauthorized profile or are logged out of your own account.

In such a scenario, report Disney immediately with the service registration date, last access details, your contact details, and details of your payment method. Additionally, inform your bank or credit card provider to stop any further deductions and even to ask for a refund.

I hope you enjoy Disney Plus, without any hiccup!!

Whether your account is at risk or not, you should always take protective measures to safeguard your account. Moreover, these steps to Protect Disney Plus Account also holds true for your Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, or other subscription services.

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