Touch ID has been a revelation for iPhone/iPad for quite some time. Released with iPhone 5S, it has provided the much-needed security as well privacy that every user would crave to have. But, do you know that Touch ID has a lot to offer than just securely unlocking your device and making the purchase from App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store?

Protect Apps Using Touch ID in iOS 8 On iPhone

There are certain apps and folders which you want to protect from being easily discovered by anyone. BioProtect is one of the Touch ID-based Cydia tweaks that lets you protect your apps and folders on iPhone/iPad using Touch ID or Passcode in iOS 8. Here is more about it.

Plenty of Configuration Options

You can use this smart tweak to protect access to apps, folders, settings, Control Center items, flip switches, SIM unlock, panes and more. It will hardly take a second or two to open them.

For more convenience, you can set a Passcode as an alternative option besides Touch ID if you wish. Or just keep only one of them. The device which doesn’t have the support of Touch ID will require the only Passcode to be set.

Truly A Masterpiece Tweak

The tweak is truly a masterpiece as it makes the entire process very simple. You don’t have to go through a lot of unnecessary steps to either configure it or open the protected apps.

How To Protect Apps Using Touch ID On iPhone/iPad In iOS 8

Step #1. Download BioProtect from BigBoss repo and then launch Settings app

Step #2. Locate BioProtect and tap on it. You will require to open the tweak through your Touch ID as it is locked too.

(You can also do so with your Passcode. The device which doesn't support Touch ID will require Passcode)

Step #3. Now, under BioProtect-Global Settings, you will find out your apps, folders and a lot more which you can unlock. Switch on the app or folder which you want to protect using Touch ID.

That's all! From now onwards whenever you will want to open the protected apps or folders, you will be asked to authenticate your fingerprint. They won’t open if it doesn’t match with your fingerprint.

You can use your registered Touch ID for the tweak or make a new one especially for it.

Available From BigBoss Repo for $2.99

BioProtect is available for $2.99 from BigBoss repo. It is also compatible for iOS 7. Though it is not new to the iOS world as it was with its predecessor as well, it is unique in its own way. However, with a lot of upgraded and improved features, it has become more useful than ever.

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