It is always interesting to see how the TouchID on iPhone 5s gets reworked for purposes other than the one that Apple intended. The jailbreak community is gradually seeing more TouchID-based tweaks. One of them is the most-anticipated BioProtect.

BioProtect lets you protect your apps using your fingerprint. Apps can be password-protected – or more like fingerprint-protected. When you configure BioProtect, apps will require fingerprint authentication to be opened.

ALERT: Users have reported that using BioProtect on the iPhone 5s heats up the device quickly. We ask you to wait for an update from the developer before trying the tweak.

BioProtect Cydia Tweak Use TouchID To Password-protect Your Apps in iOS 7

BioProtect is a simple way to protect apps even more securely than a passcode. While it’s not often that one needs to protect an app from other people, the existing methods of password-protecting an app aren’t simple or straightforward. BioProtect tweak is one of the first tweaks to simplify the whole process – especially because it relies on the TouchID.

BioProtect Cydia Tweak for iOS 7 Protect Apps on iPhone 5s Using TouchID

When you install BioProtect and get to the global settings, you can add apps to the list of protected apps. When you or someone taps on these apps to open them, BioProtect kicks in and asks you to authenticate through TouchID. If the fingerprint matches the one configured within the TouchID setting, the app will open. If not, an error message shows up and the app does not open.

One of the other things that BioProtect does is to prevent the chance of someone spying on your password when you type it: because there is no typing involved. It’s just the fingerprint that does the trick.

TouchID-based tweaks are the most interesting things to look for – besides, of course, Control Center tweaks. With Cydia Substrate getting update for A7-compatibility, tweak developers who are working on iPhone 5s tweaks need to worry less about Substrate compatibility. There was another tweak called Virtual Home which simulates the pressing of the home button when you just place your finger on the home button (TouchID).

BioProtect is available on Cydia’s BigBoss for $2.99.