8 Tips to Protect Your Apple Card Information

Apple Card is your precious belonging if you own it now! To protect your Apple Card's information, we've got some best tips! Read on to know and never leak your Apple Card information to anyone!

One must agree that Apple is one of the best in terms of privacy and security. You hardly see any data breaches or loopholes in Apple’s system. The same goes with Apple Card which was launched recently, security at its best! If you’ve got an Apple Card and want to protect it, you need to go an extra mile to strengthen your card’s privacy and security.

Today, I am going to share some important tips that can be helpful to protect your Apple Card information. Although the security of Apple Card is strong sometimes being lazy can cost you a fortune out of the wild. These tips are for digital Apple Card information and not the physical one as it’s already super secure!

How to Protect Apple Card Information – 8 Tips to Follow

Besides securing your iPhone with security apps, it’s important that you must take necessary precautions to protect your Apple Card information. So here are some of the best tips to protect your precious Apple Credit card info.

Tip #1. Never Share Your Lock Screen Passcode

If at all you share your lock screen passcode with anyone, it would be easy to sneak into the wallet app to view the Apple Card information. So ensure that you never share it with anyone.

Tip #2. Never Add a Fingerprint or Face ID of Other Person

It’s obvious that you may trust many around you and might have good bonding. And at times, many people tend to add a fingerprint or a Face ID of other person inviting them to peek into your iPhone. This is where it all goes wrong. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust anyone but it’s just that be safe by not adding anyone else’s fingerprint or Face ID on your iPhone.

Tip #3. Don’t Share your Apple Card Number

The physical card doesn’t have any number on it. But the details are present right there in your wallet app. If anyone gets access to your wallet app, your Apple Card number and CVV can be leaked. So ensure that you never share your Apple Card number to anyone, be it online, offline, on a call or in a message!

Tip #4. Protect Wallet App with a Passcode

Protecting your iPhone’s Wallet app with a passcode is the safest way to protect your Apple Credit card information. To do so, you need to lock your wallet app and then set a passcode so that no one can access the app without you. If you’ve set a passcode, never share it with anyone as I said earlier.

Tip #5. Never Use Public Networks to Make a Payment

These days many advertisers lure customers by offering them free WiFi. But those can compromise your iPhone’s security and your Apple Card security as well. So whenever you want to make Apple Card payment, ensure that you always use your personal network or a Wi-Fi at home which isn’t shared with anyone else other than your family members.

Tip #6. Don’t Share your Apple ID & Password

If your iPhone has a lock, Apple ID and password is the key to it! Your Apple ID password if leaked, each information present in your iPhone will be at risk! Even if you set passcode or anything else to your wallet app, it can be easily accessed. So ensure that you never share your Apple ID & password with anyone!

Tip #7. Get 24/7 Support from Apple

If you need any sort of assistance or help, your Apple customer care is just a message away! To get help regarding your Apple Card, follow the below steps.

Step #1. Open Wallet app on your iPhone

Step #2.
Next, tap onMore info icon in Wallet Appmore button on the top right corner of the screen.

Step #3. Now, tap on Message and ask your question. Wait for the response and it’s done!

You can even complain if you feel something is fishy with your Apple Card and you will get the help from 24/7 support right away!

Tip #8. Keep Your Bank Details Safe!

Not just Apple Card, but make sure that you never reveal the bank details that are connected to your Apple Card payment. If someone or the other get your bank details or the credit card details of that bank account, it can create serious financial issues. In short, just like your Apple Card number, never share your bank details or credit card associated with that account too.

So these are some of the important tips to protect your Apple Card information that’s present on your iPhone.

Summing Up!

Protecting your Apple Card isn’t necessary but at times our laziness can cost us a fortune. Follow the above tips so that you never get troubled when you use Apple Card for payments. If you need any further assistance, you can comment below.

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