When 3D Touch arrived in iOS 9, I was really impressed with its functionality. However, I wanted to use the touch technology everywhere like Notification Center. Fortunately, Apple fulfilled my wish; expanding the functionality of 3D Touch with aplomb.

Having tested out iOS 10 beta for about three weeks and made the most of 3D Touch on my iPhone 6s, just when I began to feel that I used all its tricks, I stumbled upon yet another cool functionality of the touch technology. Guess what?

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How to Prioritize App Downloads on iPhone in iOS 10 with 3D Touch

You can now prioritize app downloads using 3D Touch in iOS 10 on your iPhone. As for instance, if you are downloading or updating several apps at once, you have the option to prioritize which one you want to download first.

How to Prioritize App Downloads with 3D Touch in iOS 10 on iPhone

Note: The shortcut menu featuring Prioritize Download option appears only when several apps are being downloaded at one go.

Step #1. While apps are being downloaded or updated on your iPhone, you need to tap and hold on the one you want to prioritize.

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Step #2. Next up, you have to tap on Prioritize Download in the shortcut menu that appears on the screen.

Priortize App Download on iPhone in iOS 10Now, other apps will be paused temporarily until this app gets downloaded. That’s it!

It’s a very handy feature, isn’t it? More often than not, I have to manually update several apps at once. And there are some favorite ones which I want to win the race before others. Therefore, it’s something I’m going to use it a lot.

iOS 10 has packed in a number such tricks. Its developer beta is due to be released very soon. And I’m sure, if you haven’t tried it out as yet, you would like to install it to test out the latest iOS ecosystem in advance.

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