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Printing wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad is as easy as it gets. With AirPrint, Apple's iOS devices can instantly connect to your printer and send commands to print whatever you want to print easily.

The good thing is that the whole setup takes no more than a couple of steps. But that's only if you've got an AirPrint-capable printer.

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We'll take a look at how you can print wirelessly from your iPad/iPhone here. There are three different options. Two of them need AirPrint printers and one of them works even in the absence of an AirPrint capable printer.

Here we go:

Print Wirelessly From iPad

If you've got an AirPrint-capable printer, follow this:

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(note: If you're like “How do I find out if my printer is AirPrint compatible”, go right here Apple's got a list of compatible printers).

1. Wi-Fi

  • Connect your printer to the Wi-Fi network
  • Now, hopefully, your iPad or iPhone is already on the same Wi-Fi network that your printer is on
  • Print the document from iPad/iPhone. To do this from the various print-capable apps, tap on the share button and then tap on the ‘Print' icon / option.
  • Your printer will be shown on your iOS device and you just tap on Print to get started with the printing. Done!

2. Hotspot

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

But what if you're not on a Wi-fi network at all and there's no Wi-Fi to connect to?

  • Go to Settings -> Personal Hotspot on your iOS device and turn it on. This creates a Wi-fi network now.
  • Connect your printer to this ad-hoc Wi-Fi network from your iPad/iPhone
  • Now repeat the same process for printing your document/note/photo/web page. Choose the printer and done!

3. No AirPrint Printer

If your printer isn't AirPrint-capable, you're going to need to use a third-party app to trick the iOS device into thinking that you've got one.

There are several of these:

  1. HandyPrint
  2. FingerPrint

How to do that?

  • You download the software to your Mac/Windows and fire it up
  • Connect your printer to your PC/Mac
  • In the software (FingerPrint or handyPrint), choose your printer (detected automatically) so it's ready.
  • Make sure your computer and the iPad/iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi
  • Print document on the iPad/iPhone and your printer (which is connected to the system) should show up on your iPad as an AirPrint device.

That's it. As simple as it sounds. FingerPrint is available as a free trial version although the original program costs $20.

It's worth it.

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HandyPrint is free but works only for Mac OS X.

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  • Mitch

    Followed all. No printing. HP 6700 with Iphone 6. Was no problem with this printer and my 4 and my 5s. Is the 6 different? Shouldn’t think so.

  • Klay

    Question… I have an Iphone 5 and I use Quickbooks mobile. I want to print receipts for customers at their location. I bought an Hp P1102w printer that has wireless and airprint and all that. Problem is if I connect directly to the printer via wireless I lose my internet connection. So I tried setting it the printer up to connect to my personal hotspot which works until the printer is turned off. When the printer is turned back on, my phone says 1 hotspot connection but bounces on and off and won’t print. The setup was pretty much done by itself so I’m guess it set itself as an infrastructure rather than an ad hoc. If I changed this to an ad hoc setting would this fix my problem? Or do you have another suggestion? I need internet connection through cellular because I’m traveling place to place and I won’t be able to have a normal wireless network. Also, the printer is powered through my car so it is turned off and on multiple times a day.

  • Print n share is a great app too. It’s a powerful app though so the
    $7.99 – though pricey – is justified. But if in case you’re looking to
    save a few bucks and have Mac OS X, handyPrint should do.

  • Shirley Manson

    hi! what about the app print n share? is that worth a look?