Four Easy Ways to Print iPhone Text Messages and iMessages

Even though we live in a digital world, sometimes we need physical documents. For this reason, people like to take print of text messages. On your iPhone, you exchange a lot of serious conversations with your friends and colleagues. And to protect the proof, you may print iPhone text messages and iMessages.

You may want to print the messages for legal work, or maybe you like to keep hard copies of what you talked with your loved one, fearing you might accidentally delete the whole thread and lose all the words you shared. Whatever your needs are, if you are looking for ways to print text messages from iPhone, let me show you how.

You may use any of the following methods. Except the last method all are free and require no additional app.

How to Print iPhone Text Messages and iMessages by Taking Screenshot

Using this method, you will have to take screenshots and then print them. (Don’t forget a Pro Tip mentioned below.) If the conversation is long, you will have to take multiple screenshots.

How to Capture a Screenshot

  • On iPhone 8 and earlier: Press together the Power button and the Home Button
  • On iPhone X and later: Press together the Power button and Volume UP button

Step #1. Launch the Messages app and tap on the person’s conversation you wish to print.

Launch Messages app and tap on the persons conversation on iPhoneStep #2. Take the screenshot of the messages you wish to print.

Take screenshot of the messages you wish to print on iPhoneStep #3. Now launch Photos app and tap on the screenshot (or select several screenshots) and then tap on the share icon (the square with upward arrow).

Launch Photos app and select and tap on the share icon on iPhoneStep #4. From here, you may use AirDrop, Save to Files, to transfer the screenshots to a Mac. You may also use the Mail option or add to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. if you have these apps installed. Or, you may print directly from here using a wireless printer connected with your iPhone.

Select transfer option to print text messages on iPhone

How to Show Message Time in a Screenshot

Inside the conversation, swipe left on the screen to reveal the time messages were sent or received. Now keep holding your swipe touch and use the other hand to take the screenshot.

Show message time in screenshot on iPhone

Pro Tip: Make many Screenshots into one PDF on iPhone and then print that

Suppose you have taken many screenshots as the conversation was long. Now, one trick that you can do is to make these screenshots into a PDF effortlessly right on the iPhone and then easily print it. This will ensure that you won’t have to work on numerous screenshots but just one PDF.

Print iMessage and SMS Using Email

This method is helpful if you have a long message in the conversation which you want to print. You can copy this conversation and email that to yourself or a friend. After that you can take the print out of that email.

Note: Using this method (and Notes app method), you won’t be able to automatically get the time a message was sent or the sender’s contact number. You may type these details beforehand and then print the messages.

Step #1. Open the Messages app and tap on the conversation.

Step #2. Touch and hold on the long message until you see a pop-up. From here, tap on Copy.

Tap on Copy and Touch and hold on the long message on iPhoneStep #3. Now open the Mail app and tap on the compose icon (square icon with pen in bottom right). Enter your email or friend’s email.

Open the Mail app and tap on compose icon on iPhoneStep #4. In the email body field, tap once to see a black bar with options. Tap on Paste and send the email.

Tap on Paste in email body and send email in Mail app on iPhone Step #5. Go to your email app’s Sent folder and tap on the email you just sent.

Tap on Sent folder in Mail app on iPhoneStep #6. Now tap on the curved arrow in bottom right and Print from here, or you may open the email on computer and print from there.

Print iPhone Text Messages using Email on iPhone

Print iPhone Messages Using the Notes App

Using the Notes app is also an easy way to print text messages. Open the conversation in the Messages app and one by one copy the messages you wish to print, and paste them in a new note. If you want to include the time, you may do so manually by seeing the time and typing it next to the message you paste.

Copy messages in notes app to print text messages on iPhoneAfter you are done pasting all messages, tap on the yellowish share button from the top right. From here, you can Print directly or email or use the various apps you have installed. You may also make this note into PDF (as explained in Pro Tip above).

Once you get these messages as email or PDF on your computer, you may print them using the usual steps.

Print iPhone Text Messages using Notes App

Using Third-Party Software

There are several third party software pieces for both Mac and PC that let you print iPhone messages easily. However, almost all of them are paid. The free versions are next to unusable because of limitations like huge watermarks or only allowing twenty messages to be printed etc.

If you want to go this route, these apps are easy to use. Also, most of these tools include the sender’s contact number, time the message was sent or received, and other details. If you want to take screenshots for legal work or something similar, this method will be the best. (along with the first screenshot method)

Some softwares I found that lets you print iPhone messages are:

Decipher TextMessage | iExplorer| iMazing 2

Signing off…

I hope one of the methods was helpful to you. Now, I agree that copying one message at a time and pasting it or taking multiple screenshots, etc are a bit tiring, but if you do not wish to pay for third-party software, sadly, currently, there are no other ways.

You may share your feedback to Apple and ask them for the option to allow printing messages easily. Until then, I hope my article was of use.

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How to Print iPhone Text Messages and iMessages

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How to Print iPhone Text Messages and iMessages
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